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Nora Creeach 2007

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Machine Embroidery Wild & Wacky

Linda Turner Griepentrog and

Rebecca Kemp Brent

ISBN-13: 978-0-89689-277-4

This book takes embroidery out of the norm and shows you how to "Stitch on Any and Every Surface". The included CD has 20 designs along with instructions for the more unusual applications. From the gum ball machine picture on the cover to the wooden curved top chest on the back cover you will learn to 'see' things in a whole new light.

The section on buttons turns sew through two hole buttons into a critter face with the holes as his eyes or how about a pig with a pink flower button nose?

Have you ever embroidered your toilet paper on the roll? Page 96 will tell you how. Some of the other sections include working with Angelina, chenille, metal, wood, vinyl and unusual threads to name just a few. There is a special section on unusual needles with instructions on how to use them with tips on the threads, tension and design options best suited to these needles.

The pages are filled with an easy to read type and many colored pictures. Throughout the book the authors have added tips and thoughts to help you. There are 128 pages of information and fun, add to that a CD with more than twenty designs and you have a great addition to your stitching library. Even without an embroidery machine this would make a great, fun idea sparking read.

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