Adding A Beaded Edge To Your Purse

Lilla Le Vine 2007

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I made this 6"x5" bag of velvet to teach beading for a class in New Zealand. I thought perhaps you might enjoy this beaded edge technique to finish off your purse.

Here are the steps I took to create the purple velvet bag.

Note: Do the ribbon embroidery first and assemble the bag completely before beading.

The flap is cut to a point and trimmed with three seed beads simply overcast along the edges. To bead the outer edge of the bag, begin at the top and thread on one seed bead, a larger bead and another seed bead to make a little loop using a whipstitch. The progress is to increase the number of seed beads each time all the way to the base. This makes the sizes of the loops bigger as you go.

Along the base keep the same number: I used six seeds, 1 large bead and 6 seeds, all across. Finally, make the beaded tassel: Stitch a large heart bead to the flap point. Thread a needle with beading thread from the top, through the heart, add 15-20 seed beads and a leaf bead at the end. Go back up through beads and heart and secure thread. Repeat this three more times adding feature beads, as you like and varying the length of each strand. You will have a 4 dangle, beaded tassel that is pretty and easy.
Lilla's tips:
Wax the thread for easier stitching.
For the dangles, leave some play in the threads so the ends swing prettily.
Colors all in the same family (purple) look rich and integrated.
I used green accents and green silk lining for my bag. The handle strap is also green.
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