The Last Chapter in the Saga of the Purple Jacket

Dean Deerfield 2007

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Back and Front of the Jacket With A New Collar

At long last, it is finished. Actually, it is not finished. The jacket is finished, but I am still sewing on beads. I am very close to the end.

I had made up my mind to make something else from the jacket, but that was before I got an email from Carole Samples. She wrote that she liked the jacket and said I should not cut it up. How could I cut it up after that? I was so thrilled she took the time to write and tell me she liked my work.

The main problem was the collar, and I took it off and redid the neck and collar line and it fits better now. I will enjoy wearing it, and when I get tired of it I have a daughter who loves purple.

The only thing left to do is gather the courage to actually wear it out in public. I don't know if Midland , Texas is ready for this experience. Most people are probably not surprised at anything a Texan will do, or wear.


Detailed Pictures

One thing has not changed; I still look like a couch in the coat. It is so bright and busy with purple and bright gold; chances are no one will notice.

Now I will move on to new projects.

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