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Volume 6, Issue 3



Cathy Highland

Hello! I'm Cathy Highland and I recently became interested in learning to crazy quilt when I saw a beautiful crazy quilted throw in a magazine and desired to create one for using in my paper arts studio. I quickly googled "Crazy Quilting", read everything I possibly could on "how to do it". I bookmarked and visited a lot of contributor's blogs, followed many, many links, purchased "The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting" 2nd Ed. by J. Marsha Michler, and joined the CQ For Newbies Yahoo Group [user name = nchantin} where I quickly discovered I faced another obstacle --- a lack of fabrics, trims, and embellishments. My solution was to host a Squishie Mingle Swap to assist 9 other participants, as well as myself, with a solution to the problem many of us faced. The "mingle" was a huge success as every participant mailed and received a "Squishie"!

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