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  It is the final result from a DYB RR what I have joined the last year. The size is 27.5 x 21 inches.

Ati Ham Sas - Norway

  I call this my Gypsy purse. The print on the bottom I received awhile ago in a swap.

Freda Butler


  These ornies started life as the "presents" that I did the article on (OCT 07). For various reasons I wasn't happy with them, so the ended up as a variation of the tree (cone) ornies. These were made from 3" squares.

Chrissy ornies using the tutorial from the October 2007 issue. These are mini 'trees', only 2.5" high.

Jo in NZ

  I made 4 Spirit of Friendship Dolls for Friends this Past Christmas and I was wondering if you would consider including mine.

Judy in Western Michigan

  These are three Needle books that I made for my students (Becky, Anita, & Mary) for Christmas last year, each is about 2 1/2" X 3 1/2".

Lisa DuCoing

  I am a beginner crazy quilter, but am now HOOKED! Here are some pictures of my first block. It was made for an exchange and the recipient had picked purples and reds for her color scheme.

Sherry Johnson


  I just thought I would share with you the CQ pillow I made for my Mother in law. I searched for months for the perfect colors in all embellishments and fabrics to match her living room. She is big on ocean shells and fish so I went for that theme. I had a great time making it and she loved it.

Suzanne Wilson

  This year we flew my mother in law from Boise to Spokane to help celebrate her 69th birthday. She has been using a walker for several years and is always placing her purse and/or soda bottle on the flip down seat and walking about , hoping they wont fall off. Now She will have the best walker bag in town! I started in august with a piece of antique cq that was given to me, and added pieces of hand died laces, threads and beads. She Loves it!

That walker bag keeps getting "borrowed" By other ladies at the apartments, they ALL want one!

Robin Martin


Attached [sic] are pictures of a crazy quilt purse I made and was donated to my local Relay for Life breast cancer team. Also a postcard that was donated to the team. This was my first crazy quilt project. As a breast cancer survivor I thought this would be a good way for me to give to the cause to benefit cancer research.

Thank you,

Kathy Raker

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