Autumn Oak:
My Landscape Journey

Barbara Blankenship © 2008

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Following my article in the January issue, I began my journey in landscape art. It has been a wonderful learning experience and a great opportunity to experiment with many fabulous products. Points of View by Valerie Hearder is certainly a valuable resource for both fabric landscapes and fabric art.

In this article I would like to share some progress photos along with a few of the products Valerie recommends. In her book you will find great tutorials on how to use each product along with many helpful hints.

My first task was to paint the sky. I used a white moiré fabric along with the Ranger Dyes. These are transferable dyes painted onto paper and then ironed onto the fabric. I loved the effect but definitely need practice.

With my stash of fabrics laid out before me, I selected the ones I would use in this project. You will find Valerie’s “pattern and construction method” invaluable in preparing your pattern pieces and fabric.

Seeing the autumn landscape before me was so exciting and my mind began to conjure up different things I needed to add. At this point I must admit to venturing off on my own. Instead of fabric for the tree trunk I used various fibers.

Being detailed-oriented I was compelled to cut out tiny silk leaves. I used Hanah ribbon and burned the edges. The leaves were stitched in place with a gold metallic thread.

Of all the products written about in the book, the vanishing muslin was the most intriguing to me. On page 78 in her book Valerie gives instructions for stitching a fence. It’s a fascinating concept and I thoroughly enjoyed creating the fence and adding it to my landscape.

Something was missing and it didn’t take me very long to see what I needed to do. The fence needed climbing roses. Being a crazy quilter and loving silk ribbon embroidery as I do, that was a must.

The finished landscape only measures 5 ½” by 7 ½” but what a wonderful learning experience it was. For those interested please take the time to visit Valerie’s website ( Her book, along with many of the products she has used, is available for purchase online.

Valerie also has a yahoo group with an open invitation to those interested in landscape art. The website is:


Hanah Silk

Sulky Heat-Away – vanishing muslin

Ranger Dyes

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