Another Talented Friend:
Lynnis Burt, AKA Big Foot

Barbara Blankenship © 2008

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A number of our readers are familiar with the Lake Jackson Group and the talented ladies who make up our wonderful Bee.  This article is about Lynnis and her edge-dyeing technique.  She has graciously agreed to share her step-by-step method of achieving these beautiful ribbons. 

Lynnis had a very talented mom who did many forms of needle art.   She always “scoffed” at the idea of sitting down to learn and much preferred joining her two brothers in their rough and tumble life.  She was unaware the artistic and creative talents were beginning to form even at that early tomboy stage of her life.

As I listened to Lynnis tell about her early childhood I knew exactly when the creative side began.  Her mom was a frequent shopper at the local J.C. Penney’s department store and Lynnis loved to slip away and venture into the display window.  Until detected, she spent her time rearranging the window.  Not recognizing the budding artist, J.C. Penney’s banned Lynnis from their store.

Many years later Lynnis saw an ad in the newspaper for a Crazy Quilting class being taught at the local quilt shop.  She was anticipating back surgery and wanted something she could do with her hands while recuperating.  Having already missed the first class, she called our instructor and mentor, Jan Campbell, and “whined” until she was offered a private make-up class.  And the rest is history – another addict was born!  

Lynnis is such a talented crazy quilter and her silk ribbon embroidery is beyond beautiful.  Pictured here is the block Lynnis created for the 2006 breast cancer wall hanging.

You might wonder about the name “Big Foot.”  Lynnis gave herself this name because her wonderful stitching is always a little larger than what some of the others do.  She is always working toward smaller stitches and we are always trying to imitate Lynnis and do the larger ones.  It’s the old story of wanting what you can’t have.

Pictured here is one of those “big foot” designs.  I can hear your comments as I type this article…and yes, this is beautiful work!

I am so fortunate to have found this wonderful group of ladies.  We have been meeting for approximately eight to ten years and have developed a close bond.  We shop together, travel to various retreats, and always have a great time whenever we get together.

 Now that you’ve seen some of Lynnis’ work I will share with you her edge-dyeing technique in another article in this issue:

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