Creating a Memory Quilt from Ties, Part 4

Stephanie Novatski © 2008

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Hello CQMagOnline Readers! I thought I would take this opportunity to update you on the CQ Memory Quilt I started awhile ago with ties from a dear friend who passed away. I had been taking my time working on it. The last update was in the April, 2007 issue ( – one year ago!

I have finished embellishing the blocks and sewn them together following the plan in that article. I first did basic embroidery on every seam on each block, then went back and embellished each fan seam with beads, silk ribbon and/or metallic threads. I sewed each row of four together, then sewed each row together embellishing the seams where fan blades met until I had all 16 joined.

We, the quilt recipient and I, have decided on a narrow floral galloon Venice lace trim for the outside of the fans and a more narrow flower and leaf lace for the inner border. I have a few embellishments to put around the fans that are derived from Dino’s favorite things and include a Jack Daniel's label, Corvette crossed flags, music notes (he loved to dance), and seed packets (he was an avid gardener). I think I will put an embroidered tree in the center diamond.

The quilt will have an outside border of narrow strips of tie fabric and solid silk. People who attended the memorial service have been asked to think of a word that best describes Dino to them so they can write it in the outer border. I will probably also add sashing between the blocks and the border.

And all of this will be done by May 1, so look for a picture of the completed quilt in the next issue.

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