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Pat Winterís Gatherings

Lynn Schoeffler © 2008

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Title: Pat Winter Gatherings

Publisher: self-published, available in paperback or hardcover

ISBN: 0121-3769105-11-12-M

Recently, I was leafing through an issue of Belle Amoire Magazine, and a photo of a charming crazy quilted purse made me pause for a better look. "Wow!" I thought, "you know, that looks like Pat Winterís work". Sure enough, "Autumn Gypsy" was another beautiful example of Patís distinctive style.

So, itís with pleasure that I can tell you about Patís latest endeavor: a self-published look at her long love affair with our art, and her continuing journey. In Patís own words, the book is intended as an introduction, and an inspiration for new crazy quilters with a view to a more modern concept of crazy quilting; something much less like the darker, one stitch quilts you sometimes see languishing in antique stores.

Patís book is a joyful collection of poetry, marvelous photos and examples of her work, personal projects with instructions and informational resource guides, along with insight into how she finds and follows her own muse.

For more experienced CQerís Gatherings has a lovely assortment of seam ideas, motifs and silk ribbon embroidery for those times when you need a little creative stimulation! I particularly enjoyed the look into Patís "Gathering Memories" cloth bookóa wonderful alternative to a memory quilt; something a little smaller, and so personal, sentimental and endearing.

"Care less for your harvest than how it is shared, and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace." K. Nerburn, page five of Pat Winterís Gatherings

For further information and a preview of Patís book go to:

Note: Photos 2-6 are courtesy of Pat Winter

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