Using a Die Cut Machine for Appliqué Shapes

Stephanie Novatski © 2008

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I recently discovered die cutting machines. There are many on the market, from simple manual machines that cut only paper to expensive electronic machines that connect to your PC and cut fabric in addition to paper. I have a manual die cut machine that will use dies from other manufacturers and will cut a wide variety of materials including paper, craft foam, chipboard and fabric. You are only limited by the dies available.

I am working on a quilt and wanted to put appliquéd leaves in the border. Fortunately, my die cut machine has a few leaf dies that can cut through fabric. To prepare the fabric, I cut it into squares the size of the die and adhere paper backed fusible web to it. After that, I placed it in the machine per the manufacturer’s directions and cut out my leaves.

Once the leaves were cut out, I arranged them on my border fabric and ironed them in place. After they were adhered to the fabric, I did a blanket stitch by machine around the edges of the leaves, but it can also be done by hand. I love the symmetry of the leaves on the borders and it certainly cut down on the time it would have taken to fussy cut all of those leaves! Stitching them down ensures they will remain in place years to come and also adds a bit of metallic gold.

Of course, this is just one application. There are hundreds of dies available, so the possibilities are endless!


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