April 2008

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This Block of the Issue is created using the Topstitch Appliqué method as described by J. Marsha Michler, in her new book Crazy Quilting The Complete Guide. This block is my interpretation of her method. I found it to be a great time saver and a nice way to use differently shaped patches. I liked being able to stitch the trims down  at the same time I pieced the block. Please see my book review for a excerpt demonstrating this method of patching a crazy quilt from J. Marsha Michler's new book. I would like to express a special thank you to Marsha and Krause Publications for allowing us to share this with our readers.

Start with your foundation fabric and arrange your decorative fabrics on top. Pin each down as you go and turn overlapping edges under. Continue until all the foundation fabric is covered; add trims as desired. Sew all the trims and patches down. Add decorative stitches and embellishments as desired.

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