Sea Strands

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The dynamic and vivid hues of Laura Lawrence’s Dancing Threads wearable art collection are thrilling: the energy and sumptuous flowing movement of texture and color created by the gorgeous novelty threads in her original abstract designs demand attention!

Laura’s basket of "soft jewelry" lariats kept me for some time trying to make a choice, and I had just settled on one that reflected the stunning black, red and jade of her Poinsettia vest. One last stir through the basket, however, uncovered the color way that reminded me that I had a little mermaid who would be perfectly at home amidst the streaming turquoise and silver strands.

I decided to pair the mermaid with a few lengths of Branched Fringe coral (instructions below), found in my last book purchase: Bead Embroidery by Jane Davis.

Four individual strands of Branch Fringe were beaded, and then each one was anchored into one of the knots of the lariat by threading them through the knot. Tie the two strands of beading thread together, and wrap them around a knot fiber or two, several times. End by bringing the beading threads back down through the lariat knot, burying the ends in the fiber stream.

Bead Embroidery, The Complete Guide, is a hefty compilation of just about every known embroidery stitch combined with beads. The "Stitches At A Glance" section in the front of the book is a tremendous help when you are searching for a certain stitch, or just looking for inspiration. The book is spiral bound for ease of use, and is a convenient size for tucking into your stitching tote.

Instructions are clear, with great photos. Beading stitches range from needlepoint and canvas work to free form embroidery, along with a section on incorporating beads with silk ribbon work. The last section includes a number of beautiful projects with design patterns and directions. Krause Publications was kind enough to allow CQMagOnline to reprint the page below with the instructions for the Branched Fringe; I added a few little glass fish.


For further information regarding Laura's art see Lynn's article, "The Road Less Traveled."
Bead Embroidery by Jane Davis, Krause Publications, Iola, WI., 800-726-9966

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