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Rissa Peace Root 2008

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I wanted to give you a quick update to my article from last year, "Making A Commitment to Health and Wellness." I am still a member of the Spark People online community and although I have not reached my goal weight, I have lost twenty pounds. Debbie Reed, the crazy quilter who referred me to Spark People, has lost more than thirty pounds!  Another crazy quilter, Lil (aka Crazy Seoul Sister) has also lost more than twenty pounds. 

I am active in the groups, especially the Thyroid Community where I am a moderator. I still track my goals, even the smallest ones. I give myself daily goals like "avoid candy" and "practice snake arms" to keep me on the right path. I admit that I sometimes forget to use the nutrition and fitness tracker, but it really does help with my motivation when I actively track my food and exercise. 

One of the things that I discovered along the way was that, most of the time, my calories are within range and I exercise regularly.  Sadly, that is just not enough for me. I love yoga and bellydance, so I attend classes regularly, only missing when I leave town. It has been a long road, but this is a lifestyle change and not a diet.  I sincerely hope that persistence will be the key to my success. 

I realize that this is a long journey and, with luck, I will be writing to you about my success a year from now. 


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