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Rissa Peace Root 2008

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Some issues are easier to publish than others.  Although we appear to have solved the bandwidth problem that plagued us during the launch of the last issue, we continue to have intermittent server problems.  The actual uploading and editing of files has been tedious and fraught with problems.  During the worst of my server troubles three months ago, Allie sent me the graphic above, thoughtfully entitled "Dang It."  I look at it often, which is probably better than shouting expletives that might scare the poor dogs.

Now for the good stuff! 

In this issue Barbara Blankenship continues her series of "Ideas and Inspiration Challenge" articles.  If you are enjoying these compilation articles as much as I am, please consider sending some of your own ideas to Barbara for the July or November issue.  Allison Aller contributed an article about a fascinating mounting technique to turn your CQ blocks into CQ wall hangings!  Stephanie Novatski has finally gotten back to work on her memory quilt made from ties and has an update for our readers. We also have several book reviews, including some sample pages that the publishers have graciously allowed us to share with you, our readers. This issue offers a variety of exciting articles covering techniques, projects and community, so please take some time to read and enjoy this issue. 

I spent a lot of time soliciting articles for this issue, which turned out to be a good thing, since several staff members were unable to contribute to this issue for one reason or another.  Seems like there has been a rash of illnesses and accidents of late. In fact, just before the deadline for article submission,  my mother took a serious fall and broke her leg, requiring surgery. When I drove to Atlanta, I never thought I would be able to get this issue out on time. Considering my spotty Internet access and chronic server trouble, it is a miracle that the issue ever got posted, much less edited. I certainly never expected it to actually be on time!

As always, I want to thank the contributing authors and proof-readers.  I also want to thank the readers who have shared their photos for the Readers' Showcase.  It is important to remember that we are a magazine for crazy quilters by crazy quilters! If you have an idea for an article for an upcoming issue, please contact me or one of the staff members!


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