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I want to sent to you my works that I did for local show.

Thank you for looking,

Rosenshtein Ira




Here are a few pictures of my wedding anniversary crazy quilt. I started it on my 20th wedding anniversary in 1994. I thought it would take a year. I finished it on my 30th wedding anniversary in 2004! It has embroideries that represent family members and close friends. The quilt and it's memories keep us warm all winter.

This poem is one my husband came up with from his favorite group, the Grateful Dead. The picture below is of the geodesic dome that we live in.


Connie Henderson
Ottawa, Canada


Here are a couple of pictures of the vest I made my
little 10" Teddy Bear. I was taking Sharon B's TIF
Challenge and chose the color challenge. This was

Pauline Keller


I wanted to do a really special pillow for my neice Amber's 19th birthday. In Canada that's Legal Age...for all the adult stuff.

My sister told me that Amber had recently developed a love of animal prints...especially zebra stripes and cat prints. I didn't have anything like that but thought it'd be cool. I was chatting with Mary Anne Richardson who volunteered some fabrics that she had left over from a previous project and the rest just kind of came together.

This project was a total departure from the kind of stuff I'd done before; this was all about visual effects of the whole and using different techniques to achieve them. The circular motifs were bits of fabric that were lightly padded then stretched/gathered over quilters template plastic, whip-stitched in place and trimmed with decorative stitching. On the upper left corner I added a piece of tatting done in metallic gold & added amber coloured leaves (kinda like a sun going down). The row of circular ivory things are actually bone rings and I put a black glass disc in the centre of each. On the centre tan coloured piece I stitched her name in gold and below it added a row of real amber chips. You can see the giraffe through the top of tree branches and on the lower left corner there's a big cat hiding in the grass. The elephant & lion patches were enhanced with thread for a more definitive look.

My favourite component is the zebra on the bottom right. This was a piece of fabric backed with felt then appliquéd in place. At the bottom edge of the pillow I couched down a bunch of modified yarn (had to pull some fabric bits out first then brushed it a bit to look like flowing grass).

Marie Alton

The block itself was then trimmed and backed with black velvet. Around the front border I stitched a "life message" that goes: "Live life to the fullest . . . Be as bold as you dare . . . But always remember . . . It's a jungle out there! " .


MVC-002 = My January Take It Further Challenge block

MVC-003 = Beaded Lavender on TIF January block

MVC-008 - My February Take It Further Challenge block

MVC-011 = Blue Jays are Back - corner motif on February TIF block

MVC-013 = Spidey's Center on February TIF block

MVC-012 = Daffodils are up - corner motif on February TIF block

LouAnne Sassone


This is a picture of the bag that won 1st in La Bourboule, France.

Helen Thorkelsen


I would like to submit these to the reader's showcase.

Courtney Short-Prudhomme
Visual Artist


These are some small (8"X10") crazy landscapes I did for Christmas presents last year. They are original designs, and I used appliqué, embroidery with DMC perle cotton, SRE, lace, beads, and buttons.

I couldn't decide which one to send, so I sent all three and let the decision be yours.

Janet Popish
Grand Junction, Colorado 

Editor's note: I thought all three should be posted, so here they all are!


I would like to send you two pairs of my work for the Readers' Showcase.

"Purple1" and "Purple 2" are inspired with Japanese ancient love songs.  I sent "Summer Breeze 1" before but send again with its partner I've made recently.


Hideko Ishida in Japan


This is the first CQ Purse that I ever made. I had a Maltese Ciggy Silk that I wanted to use so I make a copy of it on silk, printed it out and used it for this purse. I have four Maltese dogs of my own and next time I will use a picture of them.



This is a piece I just finished if you would like to include it.



I am attaching pics of a wall hanging I created a couple of years ago. Following is a description of techniques used:

Size 22" x 22.5" - Mixed Media Machine piecing CQ style, hand quilted Hand embellished using lace/trim for seam embellishment, glass beads, hand-made Rumanian lace butterfly, hand-made wire-edged ribbon flower, various silk ribbon embellishments, peyote stitch "wish" pocket filled with SRE and glass bead flower arrangement, vintage beaded motif, hand-beaded motif (pattern is part of an ornament cover by Firefly), hand-painted porcelain half-doll dressed with underskirt of rayon fiber tassel, first overskirt is vertical netting using glass beads (pattern is a lampshade cover designed by Firefly), top overskirt original design using faceted and glass beads, 2 buttons bezeled with beads, beaded butterfly, shell button butterfly, 2 butterfly motifs with bead added.

I think this covers it all. Hope you enjoy viewing it, I certainly had a great time creating it.

My best,
Mae Vernon


The attached photos are of a CQ wall hanging that I made for my friend Karen Gardner of Seattle WA. It measures about 15 inches by 20 inches, and the seams are all done with beadwork. The title is "Unicorns For Karen". The castle was done using Lumiere paint and a stencil, with tiny crystal beads outlining the stenciled areas.

Genevieve Tracey

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