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These are blocks made using the colour choices from SharonB ( for the 2008 Take It Further Challenge.

by: Mary Anne Richardson, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada



I have included a few blocks from my current crazy quilt project for consideration in the showcase. They are 12x12 blocks. The Red block I did in honor of my wedding day. The appliquéd hand is holding an envelope that can be opened. I embroidered my wedding date on the envelope and intend on keeping the six pence I had in my shoe on my wedding day in it until my daughter’s special day. I even beaded a gold band on the hand. The bird block, I embroidered the bird and appliquéd the ribbon and embellished with bullion flowers. The bird house fabric is left over from a dress my mom made my daughter when she was little.

Bio Info: Tina Marie lives in Podunk, New York (yes, Podunk is real, 10 minutes north of Ithaca ) with my husband and two teenagers on a small farm with horses, cows, chickens, cats and my lovable mutts.


I thought you might be interested to see this project that I recently made as a gift for a friend. It's a crazy-quilted photo frame, the inspiration for which came from the book 'When Quilt Designers Think Small', published by Creative Publishing International.

My friend had showed me this photo of her grandparents, and I asked her to e-mail me an electronic copy, which I printed onto a cotton sheet for the centre of the frame.

I deliberately kept the quilting and embellishing quite simple as I wanted the photo to be the main event.

Lorraine Newman
Isle of Skye
Scotland, UK


Orphan Blocks.

In an earlier CQMag online issue Allison Aller did an article on orphan blocks.

Here is my version using her pattern. Thanks heaps Allison.

Regards Phillipa


I recently did my own version of the icicle doll featured in the current issue Art Doll Quarterly. I think it counts as crazy quilting: I stamped the face, did SRE and beading on it. I then gave it away as a birthday present.

Also, I made a charity quilt last year for Attachment Parenting International and incorporated all 8 of their principles on blocks. The 8 principles that API promotes can be found at the URL below. Anything I can do to help get the word out on this group would be great!



I believe you posted the instructions to this back in 2003 or around there. I have always liked this box and wanted to do one someday. So when I joined Sharon B's TIF challenge, I used one of her color challenges to make the 5 panels using 5 different color hues or shades of each of those chosen colors. The stitches are all different also. No two alike.



Here are pictures of my April Take It Further block.:

MVC-1 = Center with spider & copper web
MVC-2 = Lower right corner with date and one of Mabel's seed pods
MVC-11 = whole TIF April block
MVC-12 = Iris Garden
MVC-13 = Birthday silk courtesy of Janet at Vintage Vogue (my b'day is in April
MVC-14 = My dh's veggie garden was planted in April.

Here are 3 close up pictures of the work I did on a block for Hideko in Japan in the Jewels on Black Round Robin

MVC-5 = Spider & silver web
MVC-6 = Beaded Fly Stitch Lace in a tight corner!
MVC-7 = Application of a woman's image on sateen.




Kim, the crazy mountain girl form Southern CA


Hi! Here are a few pictures of a wooden box that I finished with crazy quilting on the top. Thought it might be something a little different for the readers to see. I've included several photos for you to pick from if you decide to use my project.

Sherry Johnson
Le Sueur, MN


This is a picture of my purse that won first prize in the CQI (Crazy Quilting International) purse contest for 2008.

Cathy Kizerian


The heart blocks are about 6.5", and are part of our "Hearts for Healing" program on HGTV. They are intended to be sent to friends and family when they are, or have been, ill or are simply in need of a little cheer in their lives. This was the brain child of my dear friend, Nicki Seavey who has been in the CQMagOnline's Readers' Showcase.

Here are the little gift-card holder purses. I'm making the blue one into a needle case.

I do acrylic painting on Dupioni silk, which I then use as blocks in my crazy quilts. The last photo is of a stack of CQ blocks that show the painting that's been done on each block.

 Carolyn Phillips


I made this teddy bear for my great-grand nephew. The basic pattern is at  I crazy quilted it and filled it with stuffing instead of beans.

Bobbi Pohl
University Park, MD


I have created these two Crazy Quilt Wool Felted Post cards, which I call, Spring In Michigan and Spring In The North Woods. I have embellished the post cards with SRI, Embroidery, and beading. I framed the post cards with variegated 100% Wool Yarn and button hole stitched it to the PC. I hope they will qualify to the Reader Showcase.

Judy Grant


This block was done for my DSIL who is a cancer survivor. I did the block in purple as this is her favorite color.

This block was done in memory of my brother who died from brain cancer.  He loved blue and anything to do with boating and the water.  The hearts are for his love for his wife who returned that loved. 

This red block was done for my cousin who is a breast cancer survivor.  She loves red so hope she likes it.

This peach block was done for my childhood best friend who is also a breast cancer survivor. Peach is her favorite color.

This red, white and blue block was done for a fellow Ladies Aux member who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2008.

This block I did for my daughter Lollie.  She is a cancer survivor and loves flamingoes!!


This is my block from the Seasonal RR I hosted.  We started with "Winter".  I think the ladies' contributions to my block were outstanding.  I don't know if you can use this one but just thought you might like some more eye candy.




This is a wall hanging that I made for a friend who collects mermaids.

Francine Sheedy


This is a crazy quilted tote bag that I made this year. The lining is made of pink cotton. The outside has all fancy fabrics. I added a tree, button cluster, lots of flowers, and Angel and more.

I also added a spider web, ciggy silk and a bug.... gotta have a bug with all the flowers. There is bird sitting on top of the tree.

Sherry D. Wade

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