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Lynn Schoeffler © 2008

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Everyone knows I have a box fetish, and I love to use them as framing elements for CQ. So when niece Stacy asked for a piece of my work, my mind naturally went there for two reasons. Stacy is a budding theater artist with many souvenirs to house, and I could get some help with the wood-work from my long-suffering husband. Dave has been dubbed the bravest of the brave for taking pieces that I have been working on for months and successfully handling the final finish!

When I began the collecting and auditioning process for Stacy Street, I had several issues to ponder. First, I wanted to do a piece that reflected a more up-dated look than my favorite vintage inspired pieces, but I also wanted to incorporate all the little sentimental touches that make CQ so personal. Included are family photos, mementos of past triumphs and future aspirations; in short, everything that makes up Stacy! I also wanted the bright colors that are her favorites.

The highlights:

My inspirational springboard began with the "Confidence To Go Her Own Way" patch that was cut from a fantastic flea market-found big shirt; fortunately, the phrase was printed on the bias of the fabric which made it very easy to appliqué in the curved shape I wanted.

To balance the top curve, I hit upon the idea to use a piece of music that Stacy plays: "River Flows In You", by South Korean composer, Yiruma*. My computer artist son, Devin, set the curve in Photo Shop; I printed it on the periwinkle-blue cotton and appliquéd it over the other patches; it reminds me of a "street" for Stacy to dance down! Devin was also responsible for the terrific "Grease" graphic; when the photo I had of Stacy’s production proved to be too dark to print well, Devin super-imposed her figure over the car, and I added gold spotlights and bead confetti.

I’m particularly pleased with the Bristlecone pine tree that borders the family photo in the lower left corner. It’s shaded according to Leslie Ehrlich’s great instructions from the July issue of CQMagOnline: The Bristlecone is Nevada’s state tree, and I added an Ocotillo bush from a pattern by Debbie Kelley+ to complete the desert scheme. The silver mother-of- pearl button moon made a nice vehicle for the little inscription and date.

"Athens" the parakeet was beaded on a piece of black painted Peltex, which could be trimmed closely when the beading was finished. The dancer, a major focal element, was Stem Stitched on a piece of Jeanette Viviano’s fantastic metallic fabric** that also provided the color inspiration for most of the piece. I found the comedy and tragedy masks (an old set of earrings) at the eleventh hour in an antique store—I had been looking for these small masks for almost six months!

At long last it was ready—just in time for Stacy’s graduation from college! See my article

"Boxed In" in this issue for how-to hints that describe the process of putting the box together.

To hear Yiruma’s "River Flows In You":




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