Crazy Quilted Victorian Stocking

Gail Odegaard © 2008

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It is my plan to make a crazy quilted stocking for each member of my family. I originally intended them to be Christmas stockings, but have decided that they will be Victorian stockings instead, since I have not put Christmas decorations on them.

I have three completed, one almost ready to assemble, and one in a Round Robin (a little help is always welcome).

Let me share with you the completed stockings, front and back.

To begin your own stocking, you will first need to draw your pattern.

You can of course make yours any size you want, but I think this size is perfect for filling with goodies.

Trace your pattern onto a lining fabric, I use muslin. The line you see on the pattern is the stitch line, so make your muslin bigger just like for a regular block. Cut two. Pick a fabric to line your stocking with, cut two, and set them aside. Remember to create a seam allowance.

Now, piece your stocking as usual, with your choice of fabrics. Be careful to remember you need a front and a back, so make sure your fabrics are on the correct side.

Decorate your stocking as desired, be it with Christmas designs, an under the sea stocking, filled with flowers for the gardener in you life, butterflies, hearts; the subject matter is endless and can reflect anything the recipient likes.

Here are a couple more examples. The first one is for my granddaughter and the second for my daughter (which is in the Round Robin).

Once you have finished your embellishments, it is time to line the stocking.

Sew your lining pieces together, right sides together, leaving the top open and a 4" opening at the bottom of the foot (for turning). Turn your lining wrong side out.

Sew your stocking with right sides together, leaving only the top open. Turn right side out.

Now slip the stocking inside the lining, making sure the foot is going the same direction.

Line up your seams, and the stocking top. Now is the time to add any lace or other trim you want to have going around the top of the stocking. It should be on the inside between the stocking and lining. You could add a hanger now, but I wait and sew it on afterwards by hand. Stitch around the top of the stocking, with about a ˝" seam. Be sure to back stitch, and if you’d like go around again for strength.

Turn the lining now, stitch up the opening by hand, and push it down inside the stocking.

The final step is to make a hanger for your stocking. It can be as simple as a bit of ribbon or as fancy as you want. Stitch it on by hand with strong thread.

There you have it, a beautiful one of a kind hand made art piece.


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