From Wooden Bead to Bohemian Pendant

Pat Winter © 2008

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What would you do with one of those large wooden macramé beads? Me? I made a crazy quilted pendant of course!

A friend I met through my mother-in-law always sends me items no longer of use to her; such as beads, charms, bits and bobs. In the last batch of goodies there was a small bag of large wooden beads of differing sizes. I have never tried macramé, but I did think of another way to recycle these. I simply covered them with a small piece of crazy quilted fabric. I think this pendant will fit in nicely with the Bohemian style trend. It would look great with a winter sweater or a classic white blouse and jeans. This pendant only takes approximately three hours from start to finish, so why not make a few for Christmas gifts?


  • One large wooden macramé bead
  • Bits of fabrics and muslin
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and sewing thread
  • Decorative bead with a large hole for top cap
  • Petite beads, decorative threads (I choose Kreinik), tiny charms, neck chain, assorted large beads for tassel


1. Wrap a large bead with muslin, in order to mark length needed for piecing.

2. Piece onto the muslin using your favorite crazy quilt method.

3. Gather your supplies and embellish with small stitches.

4. Glue the bead to the center of the embellished CQ piece.

5. Roll the glue covered bead to end of CQ.

6. Tuck one end under and secure it with stitches, pulling tightly so the CQ forms to bead.

7. Add glue to the top and bottom inside the hole of the bead and tuck in the raw edges, then gather with a needle and thread.

8. To finish, cap off the top and bottom of bead with anything in your stash. For example, a  fabric yo-yo or a small circle of lace would work. I chose a hand dyed set of vintage organza appliqués for the sample.

9. Feed the chain through your chosen end cap, a large bead, the CQ covered wooden bead, and the bottom cap.

10. Add your chosen beads to form a tassel using beading thread.

11. Gently pull the chain so that the tassel tucks into the bead along with the fabric cap and secure with stitches. Glue a large decorative bead with a large hole to top cap and let dry.



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