Covering a Wooden Bangle Bracelet

Pat Winter © 2008

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After I covered the wooden macramé bead with a crazy quilt piece, I thought it would also work with a wooden bangle bracelet. You can find them in craft stores, or perhaps you have some in your jewelry collection. If you are purchasing a new one, make sure it is a bit larger than you usually wear because the fabric will take up some space. I have taken photos of the process to guide you.


  • small bits of fabric and usual embellishments
  • wooden bracelet
  • Fabri-tac glue
  • suede or felt for lining under bracelet


I used a small image of a nun because I was making this for a friend who collects items depicting nuns.

1. Begin by tracing your bracelet onto muslin. Roll and mark to get the full length needed.

2. If using image, make sure you position it in the center of the bracelet and in the correct direction that you want it to lay on your arm (horizontally or vertically).

3. Piece your bracelet outside the traced line because you will be wrapping this under the bracelet.

4. Embellish to the traced line only.

5. Starting in the center, glue the embellished piece onto the surface of the wooden bracelet, leaving both edges free. Add glue under the bracelet then pull both sides tight, pressing down and clamping until dry if needed.

6. Glue suede or felt lining to cover any raw edges under the bracelet. Using a heavy thread and small stitches, secure the suede or felt lining to the embellished CQ piece.



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