Crazy Quilt Scrapbook Cards

Allison Aller © 2008

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Crazy quilting and scrapbooking have a lot in common. They both employ common processes: combining elements and supplies in a collage format, stitching or adhering them together into a whole composition, adding details to get the finished look just right.

I took a day to play with this concept and create some greeting cards, using just the papers and embellishment supplies I had on hand. It was really fun!

My first project was on an 8.5” x 11” piece of heavy cardstock. I chose a design from a CD of vintage images from the Hastings, MN Historical Society and printed it onto paper for my center. (See resources below to purchase the CD) All the vintage images used in my examples here are from that CD.

I made a card using a patriotic theme as well. I enjoyed combining textile trims with the paper collage. I used rubber cement for the paper and Aleene’s Jewel-It glue for the trims.

Of course, with the holidays on the way we are all starting to think about the cards we will send.

I even drew in some CQ inspired seam treatments with colored pencil on this card. I cut out paper flower “motifs” and glued them in the center of my paper “patches.” You could photograph or scan your finished collage and then print that onto several sheets of nice paper to get as many cards as you like from one collage.

This would be a fun group activity, so invite your friends over and have a great afternoon making some scrapbook inspired crazy quilt cards!


Contact Cindy Thury Smith at for information about ordering the vintage imagery CD.

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