You Say You Can’t Draw?

Gail Odegaard © 2008

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Here is an idea to help you recreate any object.

I used to know how to draw pretty well, but as with all things one gets rusty when a skill is not used. I wanted to recreate a Daylily...sounds easy enough, right? Remembering that I had some good pictures from my garden, I pulled out my scrapbook.

After trying some freehand drawings, I decided to trace the flower with tracing paper. Why hadn’t I thought of that before!

So I began to choose the flowers I wanted from the photo and was able to create just the design I wanted, for two different projects.

First, I wanted to make a tag using the Daylily, so after tracing the image, I used a piece of old fashioned carbon paper to transfer the image to some Aida cloth; colored it in with Fabrico pens, and beaded the flower.

The second project was for the purse contest on the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo list. For this one I made an extra copy so I could cut the picture apart to create a pattern, after numbering the pieces on both copies.

After cutting the pieces out, with a bit of a seam allowance for turning, I appliquéd the pieces down (in order) on my background fabric. I added a bit of batting to stuff and raise the flower off the surface. Next, I used the pattern again to cut colored fabric to go over the white.

Stems were added in a simple raw edge fashion. Here is the complete purse.

So just because you can’t draw, that does not mean you can’t have that flower, bird, cat, horse, or whatever else you want. It is as simple as tracing your desired design. 

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