Ideas and Inspiration Challenge:
Final Installment

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I have really enjoyed sharing with you the creative work done by some of our most talented stitchers. In the beginning I envisioned thousands of contributions followed by years of articles and culminating in an amazing spiral bound book. Although the submissions were few - the ideas and inspiration was amazing. I would like to express my sincere thanks to those of you who took the time to contribute.

For this last article Iíve turned to my local Lake Jackson Crazy Quilt friends to provide the inspiration. They are an amazing group of extremely talented ladies who enjoy sharing their love of crazy quilting with others.

JAN CAMPBELL is our esteemed leader, organizer and teacher. Each one of us took classes taught by Jan in the local quilt shop. From those classes our local Bee was organized.

The Brazilian Embroidery Satin Stitch rose is created with Edmar threads. The Bullion Stitch down the middle is made with 45+ wraps. A double Cast-on Stitch using two needles was used to make the leaves.

Jan has cut a pre-made tatted doily in half to form the base for this motif. The bouquet includes rayon ribbon, silk ribbon and Mokuba ombre ribbon flowers along with Edmar thread and beads. She has also added burned silk leaves.

Iíve included additional photos of Janís work:

LYNNIS BURT is one of the first to attend Janís class. You have seen a number of articles written about this talented lady in back issues.

Lynnis has used the curly ribbon from to make these beautiful flowers. She stitches from the outside to the center for a more raised effect. She has added beads and French Knots in the center of each flower. A Feather Stitch with #11 seed beads at the tip completes the design.

This seam uses the #12 variegated Sulky thread with a pearl disk in the center.

This amazing daisy is made with Hanah silk satin ribbon.

JULIE YONGE ( is a fellow staff member and writer for CQMagOnline and a member in long standing with our local Bee. You are all familiar with her creativity and talent.

I took several photos of Julieís creative work in progress.

CLAUDETTE DIRZONOWSKI does so many beautiful stitches it hard to know where to begin. She is our expert when it comes to Brazilian embroidery. Iíve included a number of photos of a piece she is currently working on.

This is a little needle case she has made using a cotton fabric with a garden scene. She has done some fabulous embellishments, bringing this garden to life. Notice the cute raccoon button closure.

MELANIE HOLLENSHEAD is another talented member of our group who loves to do French Knots among other things. The heart below is a great example.

Melanie used a hoop and Aida cloth for the heart. She started by placing a number of straight stitch flowers on the background. By enlarging the picture you will be able to see these flowers in the background. Then she began making very long French Knots. Some are wrapped as many as twenty times around the needle. She assured me there were no bullion stitches in this motif. She has used rayon, silk, and wool threads along with cotton floss.

The butterfly has been traced onto tissue paper and basted to the background fabric. Melanie then added beads following the design.

LINDA BALCOM is a great asset to our group and a very talented stitcher. She finds all these neat gadgets and new ideas. Her husband fondly refers to her as ďthe collector of inventory.Ē Arenít we all!

Many of you have made the CD pin keepers. This is made in the same manner but stuffed with fiberfill on top. Instead of using the large CD, Linda has used a 3.5Ē one. It makes a beautiful pincushion. She has added a small pouch of emery to the inside top with a plastic disk at the bottom. What a great way to stop the needles from going through.

I will end with the Woven Picot daisy inspired by Jo Newsham ( After seeing her blog entry I decided this was a stitch I had to try. I searched CQMagOnline and found the following article written by Peggy S. Crawford in 2004:  Peggy has given excellent instructions. Although I definitely need practice, I was pleased with my first attempt.

Iíve included a picture of the wheelbarrow I recently stitched. Iíve used faux leather to create it and attached a button for the wheel. I invite you to visit my blog at

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful articles I found in the archives by using the ďsearchĒ option on the homepage of our magazine. Valuable information and ideas are available through the search engine by typing in a keyword. Iíve used ďstitchesĒ to find the following articles:

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