New Uses for Purchased Doilies

Cherie M. Thompson © 2008

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I found a pair of lovely art deco doilies recently, and decided to reconfigure them to adorn two beautiful but plain objects I possessed: a tote bag and a lampshade.

First, I cut out around all the flowers. I discovered the whole piece had been hand stitched. I hand-stitched the flowers and the trellis onto the plain black tote bag … the effect was beautiful.

Next, a plain golden silk lampshade cried out for a pick me up.

Again, I gently cut the edges of the hand-stitched appliqué, and then played around with the pieces, deciding which way they looked best.

I pinned the flowers in various designs until I settled on what you see on the shade. The appliqué flowers were glued on to the lampshade.

Classy embellishing was accomplished in one afternoon!

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