'Tis The Season!
A Pair of "Giftable" CQ Ornaments

Marie Alton © 2008

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For that special time of year, create some "one of a kind treasures" to trim your tree ... or to give to very special people in your life. These ornaments are sure to be treasured by all that receive them.

Here are two designs, one challenging and the other quite simple, for you to create!

The CQ Ball is comprised of four panels with four patches each. When stitched together they fit around a padded 2.5" Styrofoam ball. Given enough time, I’d love to make a dozen of these and display them in a crystal bowl or large fluted vase for an awesome Christmas centerpiece. Maybe next year!

The Porthole Spinner is another evolution of my Portholes project. Two small CQ circles are each gathered over a recycled frozen juice can lid (or canning snap lid), then stitched together back-to-back. The hanging ornament spins to reveal each CQ panel.

Think shine and glitz for these ornaments. Fancy jewel tones of satin, moiré and polyester stitched with rayon and metallic threads will become magical under tree lights.

CQ Ball


  • Four - 4" x 6" pieces of muslin
  • Small bits of fancy fabrics
  • Ribbons & threads to embellish
  • Strong sewing thread (or beading thread) to gather ends
  • One - 2.5" Styrofoam ball
  • Quilt batting - 10" x 2"
  • Ribbon/metallic thread (for hanger)
  • Two - 2-hole buttons
  • Long needle - 6" (doll or needle tatting type)
  • Several straight pins


Print the panel and trace it onto your muslin pieces. CQ each panel and embellish as desired.

Stitch panels together with .25" seams, leaving last side open. Clip & notch seams. Press.

Embellish these seams too, if you like. Press under .25" allowance on each edge of open seam, and at each end.

Wrap the 10" x 2" piece of quilt batting around the Styrofoam ball middle (leaving ends exposed).

Fit the wrapped ball inside the CQ form. Pull the open edges together. Anchor one side in place by pushing straight pins into the ball, and then pull the other side close to match and push more pins in to hold it in place. Use matching thread to Whip Stitch the open edges together (and embellish seam if desired).

Using the strong thread (or beading thread) work a small-gap Running Stitch line around both the top and bottom openings. Pull together tightly to gather fabric and knot to secure. Clip ends and hide inside.

(Now, if like me, you like the idea of CQ balls in a bowl or fancy vase...you may skip the next step.)

Using the long needle, thread your hanger thread or ribbon. Take it through the first hole of one button, down through the ball to the opposite end and down through the first hole of the second button. Go up through the second hole of this button, back through the ball and through the second hole of the first button. Tie thread ends close to the button and knot twice. Tie loose ends of hanger together and trim.

Porthole Spinner


  • Two - 5" x 5" pieces of muslin
  • Fancy fabric scraps
  • Threads, ribbons, beads, etc. for embellishment
  • Strong sewing or beading thread to gather 36", doubled to 18"
  • Two recycled frozen juice or canning snap lids
  • Four layers quilt batting, cut in circles for padding
  • 6" Ribbon, ribbon floss, or metallic thread for hanger
  • 10" Fancy trim if desired, for finishing joint seam


Print the pattern and trace onto two pieces of muslin. Use scrap fabrics to CQ each circle. Hand baste around inner circle to mark work area. Work embellishments as desired. Trim muslin to outer circle mark.

With strong doubled thread (or beading thread) work a Running Stitch line .25" in from perimeter.

Remove your inner circle thread.

Lay each circle face down. Lay on four quilt bat circles and place lid over them. Gather the circle tightly over the lid and tie tight. When both CQ circles are mounted, place them back to back and join the two together. You may wish to simply Whip Stitch them together and add a fancy trim to the edge, or you can use metallic thread to create a stitched closing seam.

For this sample I used Kreinik gold cable and worked a row of Cretan Stitches, .25" spacing between vertical bars, and then another row alternate to it. Lastly I worked a row of Looped Backstitch over the vertical bars on each side.

Thread the hanger ribbon at the top center, matching the ends evenly, and then knot twice at the fabric.

Make a knot just below the ends and trim.

I hope you get inspired and have fun making these. Create, share & enjoy!

Follow my blog for more new ornament ideas...coming soon!

Marie Alton

Marie has provided a PDF of the images to help with printing the diagrams.

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