My Daughterís Wedding Dress Crazy Quilt

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Twenty years ago my daughter announced her future wedding plans to me. The plans included me making her dress, cake, and everything else that goes with a wedding. I told her to find a picture of a dress she liked and we would do something similar, but keep it simple. The picture below was the result of that search.

I was lucky enough to find a fabric store that carried fancy fabric. They did not have the lace, but had a place in France where they could order it for $125.00 a yard. Thank goodness Kim was very small and I didnít need very much lace. The dress in the picture was silk Dupioni, but I made Kimís dress from a nice bridal satin.

The two pictures below are the end result of the dress I made for her.

After the wedding, the dress was hung in my closet and that is where it stayed for many years, until I started cleaning out my house. I retired, sold my house, and moved to another city. I called and asked her what she wanted me to do with the dress. We decided to make it into a crazy quilt. I was unsuccessful in finding the attendantsí dresses. My original plan had been to make it blue and white, but it turned out more colorful. The choice of color came from a very old piece of variegated tatting my sister had made. It had blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow in it.

Each block has a piece of lace from the dress. Family memorabilia is used in the embellishments. A few of the bows from the dress are left intact.

If I had this choice to make again, I would make the whole crazy quilt in the white satin, and embellish it with one color, the color blue she had in her wedding. The quilt would look more like a wedding dress quilt that way.  However, it did turn out to be a pretty quilt.

I have three more blocks to embellish, before I can finish. You can see the quilt in the photo below.

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