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Rissa Peace Root 2008

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This is the first issue since Nora left that there has been an editor and an assistant editor.  I know it seems like a small thing, but it is has been hard to find someone willing to commit that kind of time and effort to a volunteer project.  I want to give Allison Aller a warm welcome and my sincere thanks for volunteering for the position.  I also want to give thanks to my loyal, albeit silent, proofreader.  Since this issue spans the Thanksgiving season in the United States, I think it only fitting that I continue to give thanks to the staff and contributing authors.  CQMagOnline would not exist, if it were not for you!

There will be some changes in the coming year. Soon, some staff members will become contributing authors and some contributing authors will become staff members.  Barbara Blankenship is working out the details of a contest sponsored by Kreinik, so stay tuned for the details.  We are always looking for CQ related articles and detailed projects.  Remember that the copyright stays with the author, CQMagOnline only reserves the right to edit your work and publish it on our site. That means that placing an article here does not prevent you from putting it on your website, blog or in another publication. If you would like to contribute something, please contact Allie or me for further details.

This issue offers a wide range of ideas and projects for you, the reader. Barbara Blankenship concludes the Ideas and Inspirations Challenge, Pat Winter offers a variety of designs for small gifts, Allison Aller creates CQ Scrapbook Cards, and  Lynn Schoeffler frames a special block in an unusual way.  We also have some great articles from contributing authors like Cindy Thury Smith, Marie Alton, Carolyn Phillips, Jo Newsham, Gail Odegaard, and Leslie Ehrlich. We all hope you enjoy this issue and thank you for your readership.  

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