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  Pat Winter mentioned on her blog that you were looking for readers' submissions for eye candy. I just finished my Tea Therapy pillow and I'll send along a few photos. Feel free to use them or not depending on what you need. thanks a million for all you do for the magazine,

Plays with Needles

  This is a project I finished from a CQ4Newbies list round robin block (center) and hearts from a heart exchange on the list, also. I stitched the hearts on the blocks around the center and embroidered those seems, plus a little spider and web. I then added a CQ border and tied the pillow-turned quilt. Last, I added beautiful variegated cording and matching tassels. I love having it hang in my living room.

Crazy Quilting and embroidery has added a dimension to my life that I wouldn't have thought. When I began to get interested in embroidery again because of a local bee I attended, I researched the art form on the internet and 'met' some incredible ladies on the CQ4Newbies Yahoo Group. They encouraged me, answered questions, sent me little squishies of pretties and fancies to begin my journey. But more than that, they became my friends. Through some trials in my life, such as losing my first grandchild at birth, husband's heart attack and my elderly mother's illnesses, the women who are bound together with silk and perle threads sent their love through fancy stitched blocks and messages of love and encouragement. They led me to CQMagOnline and I learned even more and received much inspiration. What an emotional and creative outlet!

Linda Chase
Harlingen, TX

  Here is a CQ purse I made.  The picture is of me when I was 3.



  Dear Editor:

I'd like to submit these photos for publication. I'm a brand new grandma and decided to make a crazy quilt with the material my daughter sent me. These are pictures of the first block of the quilt. I'm a beginner and am loving learning how to embroider and quilt as I make this exciting project.

Thanks for considering my crazy quilt project.

Karen Campbell
Visit me at:

  Hi my name is Karen Zoback, I thought I would share some of my cq projects with the group. The purse quilt is my own design, I got an old vintage purse book in a box lot at an auction. I decided to make templates of different purses out of freezer paper cut out the purse and iron it on to wool and paint them that way when they dried they would look like suede. I embellished with antique lace, buttons, hand crazy quilting, beads – you name it even antique mother of pearl buckles. I love it and this is one of kind I named it “Karen’s Vintage purses.”

The 2nd quilt was in this yrs $100,000.00 quilt challenge it was a finalist in issue 3. I was inspired by Jenny McWhinney of Australia she designed the bunnies but I made the quilt into a cq. It took me 1 ½ yrs to make there is a ton of embroidery and cq stitching as you can see. Well thanks for looking.

Karen in Woodstown, NJ

  3rd Generation - Gone "Crazy"
60" x 72"

A labour of love for my grandmother. She wanted herself, my mother, and I, to all exhibit together this year at the Auckland Patchwork & Quilters Guild annual show. (she is 87)


CD pincushion created using Barbara's tutorial. I got lots of wonderful comments from my kids on this, which in unusual, so I class that as a definite success. As this was a project for myself, I used lots of 'special' things that have been sent to my from CQ friends around the world.

Jo in NZ



  I have made two new purses - I love butterflies so my longer purse has different types of butterflies in different colours. The small brown purse I have used different textures of thread, wool etc. I have had the textured wool for so long I wanted to use it so the purse.

Kind regards
Andrea Beecroft
New Zealand.

  As promised a few picture of my tree. Also for fun and your eye my first humble tree earlier this year.  Myself I am in love with nature and all her season's and colours throughout the year. Every season brings a new delight into our lives with colours..springtime yellow's of spring daffodils then onto mauves and soft purple's/blues of Cornish Bluebells also our beloved Viola with such a soft yet same time vibrant hue....then nature gives us a real colour burst as warm as the summer sun with French marigolds.. Ablaze with variegated oranges/ red and yellows ( well not this year in Cornwall lol) then as the year winds down towards autumn in Uk ..We have huge bright and beautiful Dahlia's also not forgetting my Sunflowers that I had a competition with my son over each having a few seeds from same packet!

Now the leaves are starting to fall...and I am in a preserving mood like a squirrel for wintertime I hoard...even fabric/threads lol!

I digress....

I want to tell of my FFT 3 tree.... I was so worried as a newbie to this group RR FFT, but I need not have worried as everyone so helpful and encouraging.

I have loved tree's since starting drawing a few years first real drawing was of an old gnarled tree. Also my hobby is collecting Driftwood from the tide line in our fishing cove. love the texture/colours and even the nature of ''beasties'' eating into the wood...also can weave stories around the washed up woods ( the romantic in me?)

I wanted to turn my love and inspiration into thread and stitches...but how? Then I had the good fortune to read an article in this talented CQ Magazine from Leslie Ehrlich called ''Tantalising Tree's''..Leslies certainly are.

So lifelike and beautifully painstakingly stitched.

Leslie shares her knowledge so willingly in a way that comes across easy to understand/good descriptions as if she is standing in the same room with us ( I wish), Her way of teaching is not too technical language for a beginner, but also holds attraction for well the advanced stitcher's too.

So I run with Leslie's teachings/ideas. Threw in some of my own and a tree was born!!

I found the problem that Leslie mentions ''QUOTE'' (With variegated threads, colours,

One of the disadvantages of some variegated threads is that the path between two tones can be too long and you will get too large of a cluster of one colour in a specific area.)

My way around this problem with limited stash and money. Is.. to buy 1 random dyed thread pack in browns mine was cotton DMC both light/med/dark I cut just shot lengths of thread and then I could keep going in different areas/colours.

My way of doing the Fir Tree was to outline in Chain stitch in 1 strand. Then go in different areas with varying number of threads in the needle. In some places I over stitched already sewn area's to give ''texture'' also Importantly for me is in taking the thread paths in different directions as real bark is...sometimes smooth other times meandering in waves and rings.

I always use a method taught to me in a class at our embroidery group for daisy stitch. It is hard to describe in words, but to start off you just make 2 tiny stitches in the shape of a V at start of your line needed. Next you work with the line traveling toward your own body and come up the exact length the finished stitch needs to be ( always making your stitches exactly even as we can see the place to come up) continue like this till end of line. I like this method as it’s so easy to go off at the side and in a different direction's (ESP. Useful for barks)..It’s almost like a needle lace technique.

The top branches were done in silk and then I used tiny blending filament for slight sparkle. I used Fly stitch for the fir needles.

Next I stitched on the beads. I believe in taking time to enjoy this, I only ever sew 1 bead on at a time for safety and always use a good quality beading thread ( can tell I am a beader) I use the KO beading thread as pre waxed so less knotting and tangles.

I thougrly enjoyed this project and thank Leslie for this fabulous previous article so well written for us CQ...Roll on more tree!!!!

Please just take a few lines if any that you feel appropriate lynn? And also that thanks Leslie ''bless her''.

Best wishes from Pam..who has to rush with dinner AGAIN LOL!!


  Hello again,

Last year I submitted photos of a CQ purse I made for a friend from a couple of blue jean pockets. I was delighted to see it featured in your Reader's Showcase Vol 6, Issue #4. Thank you so much!

The dyed laces used in that particular purse were my first. Since making that purse, I have become totally addicted to hand dying laces. I am submitting for your review a few pictures of some of my dyed laces to be used for Crazy Quilting. Also are some pictures of a few Crazy Quilt hearts I have made - I'm currently trying to make a total of 40 to be used for a wall hanging I'm dreaming about. If you get a chance check out my Blog to see what other crazy things I've been up to.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nicki Seavey
  Please find attached photo of my work entitled 'LEAVES' a study of, work done for recent open studios weekend for the Hawkesbury Artisan Trail. This piece is not quilted, instead has been laced and mounted on board to exhibit as an art piece.

Over 50 people attended my particular studio from near & far. My name is Larna Ezzy from the Grose Vale region of the Hawkesbury in NSW, Australia.

You asked for any contributions re Moo card containers/pouches. I have attached a couple of photos of the CQ pouch I made recently for my new Moo business cards.

Kind Regards,
Larna Ezzy

  My name is Tami Schmidt and I've been crazy quilting for about four years. I have done lots of block swaps but this is the first thing I've made especially for me. I found the pattern in a book from Flights of Fancy. One of my favorite colorways is teal. The ribbon flowers were put together following Helen Gibb's video. I dyed them to get to the right color. One of the trims on the flap (the back one) was made using specialty yarn that i looped up to a ribbon to make. There were two colors of yarn, black with teal tags and black with brown tags.

Thank you for the consideration

Tami Schmidt
De Witt, NE
  Attached are the pictures of my May Take It Further Challenge Blocks. The first picture (#005) is the whole block and the others are the closeups.

Here are pictures of my June block - #001 is the whole block.

Here are the pictures of my July Take It Further Challenge Block #-009 is whole block.

LouAnne Sassone 



  Attached are a couple of pics of a wall hanging and a bell pull that I embroidered entirely with beads. These were done for a class I taught to both my local CQ enthusiasts and some folks that came to Colorado for our first CQI retreat! Thanks again for all you do for us! This is a wonderful publication and I know its a TON of work, but greatly appreciated!

  Here is another of the blocks I have completed for the 'Take It Further' challenge on SharonB's site using her suggested colors. Its a great challenge and I'm really enjoying trying out some combinations that are new to me.

Hope you can use this in your Reader's Showcase!
Mary Anne (Richardson)

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