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  I am a relatively new crazy quilter, and am finding that the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. I love the way it helps me use up my fabric scraps, and combine both quilting and embroidery in a finished object. I returned to it with the Encrusted CQ class with Sharon Boggon, and am determined to do more of it. I particularly appreciated the article on using ties, as I have collected my late hubby’s ties and want to assemble them into a quilt. Right now, though, I am just doing “odd blocks” as practice.

Attached are photos of my most recent block, which was in response to a colour challenge by an art quilt group of which I am a member. We each picked a crayon at random from a paper bag, and had to make a piece with that colour; mine was green. The block will eventually be part of the front of a journal or book cover.

What excited me about this was how quickly it came together, and how much I enjoyed figuring out what to put where!

Thanks for an excellent publication; the current issue is (October ’08) is the second one I’ve read, and I look forward to more.

Yours truly,

Margaret Blank
Mirror, Alberta


  I have always loved color wheels, of any kind, medium and texture. Finally after crazy quilting for a year or a bit less, I broke down and started making my own version of a color wheel! Starting in April with creating the wheel, piecing the wedges, organizing floss/beads/trims to each wedge. Then spent all summer until Sept 1, embellishing it. It took an average of 2 weeks to finish one wedge. Entered it into the Washington state Quilters show in Oct and didn't win anything but I LOVE this and its MINE!

Addendum: Carole S did the green wedge for me and Gail O did the red wedge for me.

Robin in Idaho

  I perused your mag for the first time the other day and found a project I just had to try: Pat Winter's Bohemian bead. I finished my first Bohemian bead last night and had so much fun putting it together.

I found working the tiny stitches to be very enchanting. I have never worked on such a small cq pallet, but I really enjoyed it. And, instead of a pendant, I made an ornament for my tree.

I am in the midst of making Christmas ornaments for gifts, as well as my own tree, and this little gem fits in perfectly! I can't wait to make some more.

So, thanks very much to Pat for her clever idea!

Happy Holidays!

  I would like to submit the attached photos for the CQ Online Reader's Showcase. I created this Crazy Patchwork CD Pincushion for my Sis for Christmas. I made it from 100 % hand dyed wools. I embellished the pincushion with metallic threads, silk ribbon, and wool felting. I held the chenille ric rack in place with the embroidery stitch called "Dorset Feather Stitchery". The pattern was shared with me from Lisa's blog called Ivory Blush Roses.

Thanks Judy

  My passion for CQing has gone beyond whatever I envisioned as a “hobby” – but with working full time it’s hard to fit in all I wish to do.

So the first three pictures are of various postcards I’ve sent with Birthday wishes to many of my CQing friends. This is my own drawn up image and I’ve attached the CQd heart form onto a cotton background, embellished as desired then bonded on Moreira fabric to frame and postcard assembled.

This Winter postcard was also for a swap and I kept one for myself. It was before I learnt how to adjust my sewing machine for a very fine satin stitch finish.

I LOVE CQing and am definitely starting a stash for many different types of future projects. AND one of my ongoing sources is the CQ Online Magazine which I’m constantly checking out ASAP on release along with referring it to others for eye candy or reference purposes. AND it’s awesome when I recognize a fellow CQI Yahoo Group CQer here and there in your articles. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

Rose Anne Burdeny, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

  I am Ritva Peltola in Finland. I have started Crazy Quilting in summer 2008 and am totally in love! I have got an enormous group of friends all over the world which I enjoy a lot!

Here are some picks.

The light one is my CQ Study quilt with which I started to learn crazy quilting and the other is a block where are 11 seams which were given in CQInternational Novice group as Build a Seam challenge per every week in the end of year 2008. I finished it to be little quilt.

Sincerely yours!
Ritva Peltola

  Hi, Rissa! I have a few different items to show. I was given a whole bunch of empty cigar boxes and decided to pretty them up with some of my CQ. But what was I to do with the leftover pieces? Well, I sat and thought and this is what I came up with.

First the boxes...

Now the leftovers: 2 bookmarks
A CQ cuff bracelet

I also made a barrette but cannot find the pics. I made a box for a friend to thank her for the boxes but this was made just for her office with the Tuscan look

I have been busy making ring bearer pillows and will attach photos of a few of them also.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my CQ work.



  I was so excited to get the link to your magazine.
I am a relatively new Crazy Quilter. I have enjoyed being on a list for several years, and have participated in a couple of Round Robins. Everyone is so helpful with learning.

I am sending a picture of the quartet that I sing with. I am the lady 2nd from the right. The lady 2nd from the left also helped me CQ these vests. I CQ'd the left side of the vest and she CQ'd the right. We have received many comments on our vests, as we are out performing. People love the uniqueness of them.

Thanks again for the opportunity to show.
Peg Simmons

  This is the first CQ I have done.  My first attempt at Crazy Quilting was a Row Robin that is totally B/W. I did it on a Row Robin Swap a year ago and just got it put together and finished. :)



  Here is a photo of two Christmas ornaments I made this last year. Both are my own patterns. They will brighten my sewing room after they come off the tree.

Lisa Caryl

  I'm attaching a photo of a tea cosy I made from four 8" blocks, two of the blocks are crazy quilted and two are velvet. I have written about making it, step by step in my blog:

Diane Matheson
  Here are pictures (for the Readers Showcase) of a pillow I did for Evening Star Designs' Harvest Challenge. It won an Award of Distinction.

BTW, Evening Star Designs has posted a wonderful gallery of entrants and winners - a lot of eye candy. I think it would be great if you could mention it. We all benefit from cross-support, and she does provide a venue into which CQ'ers can enter their works.

Regarding my Harvest pillow, I've included a picture of the whole pillow, a close-up of the squirrel with the mink tail, plus a photo of the floral bouquet which encompasses many techniques.

Cathy Kizerian

  I am attaching some photos for your consideration for publication in the Reader's Showcase of CQMagOnline.

For the first three Sundays in Advent, I stitched 4x6" white/cream crazy quilt postcards that then went to readers of my blog.

They are "Hope", "Peace" and "Joy".

I have also included a closeup of the mother of pearl button flowers on "Hope".

Thanks for your consideration!
Blessings and Peace!
Lisa Boni

  I would like to submit the follwoing photos for the mag.

1. This is a pinkeeper made for a swap with My Garden as the theme.

2. This block was made for a swap with a summer time theme.

Thanks, Peggy Reynolds in FL


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