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April 2009

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A friend of mine introduced me to your site in October, and I am smitten. I thoroughly enjoy all the eye candy and appreciate all the Blogs with so much helpful information. The work done by these artists is truly beautiful. So, here are a couple of pictures of my first attempts. I have so much to learn, and I am looking forward to the fun.

Suzie in Idaho


suzie kellysuzie 2Suzie 3Suzie 4

  This is a altoid's tin I covered. The CQI ladies gave some great links on how to make covered tins. I am looking forward to the swap we will be doing.

This is the motif I did for a RR I am in on the novice site of CQI.

This is the work I did for the same RR on CQI. I was the first to work on the block.

 Thank you for the opportunity to contribute!

Ann Flowers

  Thank you again and again for such great eye candy. I love checking into your Reader's Showcase every new publication to see the beauty that has been made by so many other Crazy Quilters.

Recently I became a part of a group of ladies who are making a promise to ourselves to make a fabric journal page each month. Each page is to be 8.5 x 11. I decided the start my journal out with something that depicts my love for the color blue, the ocean and my love for crazy quilting. I am calling this page "I wish I was a Mermaid". I am submitting 5 pictures for your review.

Have a great weekend!

Nicki Seavey
  Hi! Attached are pictures of a silk-ribbon embroidered stuffed, jointed bunny I made. I love bunnies and pink roses and decided to create something that incorporated both. I was originally inspired to make the bunny after seeing an embroidered teddy bear made by Claudette Dirzonowski of Lake Jackson, Texas. The bunny was supposed to be a gift, but I fell in love with him and couldn't give him away. I thoroughly enjoyed making the bunny and had a hard time making myself stop embroidering more and more. It was a great diversion from working on my PhD! Thank you for soliciting reader pictures. I love your publication!

Wendy Crook
  In response to your request for photos for the next issue of CQ magazine, my postcard mail art group had a Faberge Egg challenge. I made three eggs but I feel the picture of the one attached came out best. The card is 4 x 6 inches (normal postcard size). I'm also attaching a pix of the egg my CQ was based on. The original egg was created in 1901 for the Russian Royal family.

Best regards,

Avril Dannenbaum
  I did this wall hanging for "Women create women" local craft show.

I put in the center organza folded roses and few satin roses. Add a lot of organza leafs and a weaving leafs. It bring a great 3D effect with color plays from olive color of weaving leafs and green color of organza. Around I stitched a leafs with different colors of green, I did a few leafs from a satin ribbon. The small flowers are folded roses and different stitches roses ( rococo, spider ).I use a different ribbons in many colors. I stitched the gold ribbon between the border and the burgundy blocks .I am did only plane stitches on the burgundy blocks to keep the balance with heavy 3D center piece.

Have a nice day

  I don't know if you remember an article that you did last year on the MCC Quilt that my group of seven ladies did...but we have made another one in a different color scheme that will be auctioned off April 18. Attached you will find a picture of it.

The retreat teachers were Judith Baker Montano, Carole Samples and Betty Pillsbury. I think everyone had so much fun. I'll attach a picture of that also.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Valerie Bothell


  I have been busy (ok obsessed) These are just a few of the crazy quilt wall hangings I have done since Feb 5, 2009. They are Samples from the kits I put together and sell on etsy. The blue and brown was a gift for my Nephew's wedding.

Rebecca Halley
  Hi - My name is Jacque and I've been watching your group for about 6 months. I am a newbie to CQ but have gathered fou large tubs of beautiful fabrics in a very short time from thrift stores, yard sales and friends. I have COPD - on oxygen 24/7. I stay very busy as doing normal housework takes me longer because I have to sit down and rest. Crazy Quilting is the perfect project to pick up for a few minutes at a time. Since I no longer work outside the home I started selling gr8-junque on Ebay. As I researched a quilt to list I found a gorgeous crazy quilt. I sure couldn't afford to buy it so I looked around online for instructions and books. Wow there is amazing stuff out there. Now I'm hooked.

#1 - 13" x 18" This is my first attempt at crazy quilting. It's going to be a pillow for my oldest daughter.

#2 This is almost a pillow for my 2nd daughter.

Have one more daughter to go - will then start on the grandkids and 1 gr8 grandson. By then I should have enough practice to start on something for me. Maybe someday I will feel confident enough to join you pros in a swap of some sort. I look forward to all the daily emails and seeing all your beautiful projects.

 Jacque Strong - Gordon Nebraska

  Attached is a pic of a crazy quilt block from a project I worked with a friend of mine from PA. We each pieced a block, and then sent it to the other to embellish. The pic shows my embellishments on Nancy's block. There was no time limit and no have-to-do's, the project was just all about stitching between friends. It went home to PA last spring :o)

Thanks for all your work with CQMagOnline - it's a great source of interest and inspiration :o)
- Ani
Devon England

I forgot to add in my text, that this block travelled many thousands of miles and not just back and forth between UK and USA. It came with me on vacations, and I also worked on it in Switzerland and Gran Canaria off the coast of Africa. So - it has been stitched at the top of the Jung Frau, the highest mountain in Europe, and also along the sides of a dormant volcano! hehehe

  Hello my name is Cathleen Bowing.

This was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery after my stroke which left my right hand paralyzed. I named the piece "My Heart Is In The Garden" It is of my own design. This piece was submitted in a "BLOCK" drawing held by Lady of Steeles hand embroidery Site. Moderator "Dixie" It was won by a "Stitching Sister Rand "in Baghdad. She will be designing a Quilt with all the blocks.


  This was my first submission to a magazine and to my delight and surprise it made the cover. It was a Maude Humphrey antique reproduction baby book inside as well as a photo album and scrapbook. This was a Krause Publication. This won awards at the Mississippi Alabama State Fair along with several other projects. I design all of my work and patterns. I have been published 8 times. A few of them around the world. I have taught and given some lectures on antique fancywork. I do a lot more than Crazy Quilting, but it's my favorite of what I do.

There is also a couple pictures of a pincushion and chatelaine I made for a friend to test the pattern before I submitted it for publication. The things I submit are usually more calmed down and not quite as embellished as I'd like but I am trying to keep the stitches easy enough for a person that may not have the years of practice that I do as a professional.

I love you online magazine! Thank you for giving this wonderful way of expression a place to go to.

Holley Huff Bumpus

  I'm on your yahoo group and just completed my first CQ block. I was wondering about posting it to the group? I'm attaching it here. Hugs.

Barb Bowen

  A Spring Bell Pull

In CQI we are doing "Build A Seam Challenge". A basic seam stitch given to us weekly and we add something to develop our own seam treatment to it. I have joined the challenge and made this bell pull as result. There are seams from week1 to 20 (though a few are missed). I've used silk buttonhole twist for stitches. The size of bell pull is 16x102 cm.

Klimt's "Kiss"

Klimt's work inspired me to make this. I wanted to stitch something romantic then, maybe because being tired. LOL

Hideko Ishida in Japan


  I would like to to submit the attached photos for the CQ Online Mag Reader's Showcase. "Life In The Wilderness, Birch Lake, was created for my Kindred Friend Heather, as a gift for her kindness to me. This scene is a Reflection of her home on Birch Lake in SK Canada. This is my first attempt at "Stumpwork" Embroidery. I used 100% hand dyed wool for the base of this piece along with SRI, Brazilian Embroidery flosses, beading, and Birch Lake was created from three different colors of Angelina Fibers.

Kind Regards,
Judy Grant
  I don't know if I'm too late or not, but wanted to send in a couple pictures of my needlebook case that I finally finished. This is the first CQ project that I actually completely finished! I'm not real fond of the finishing part, just the embroidery part. :-)I'm really pleased with how it turned out and have been using it a lot.

Andrea Campbell
Livermore, CA
  I am sending you some photos of my table topper in the final result.

I started it about two years ago inspired from Allison Aller curve I learned from her on line tutorial and I wanted to do something for Spring time mixing straight and curve seams using coordinated cotton fabrics.

There are two large blocks and two small one of the small (with an encrusted effect) was completed in a Round Robin on CQI Group.

I completed with coordinated yellow fabric, muslin for the backing and binding and now it is on my table…


Simona (Italy)

  Attached is a photo you can use for Reader's Showcase. It is my French Label crazy quilt ... just finished a week ago .... Been working on it a couple of years at least .... and now I can focus on another UFO!


  I made these 6" hearts to swap in the Australian group chains of hearts -it's a wonderful group I found online several years ago.

Toni Engle

  I am attaching some pictures of works that I have created using the same types of stitching that I use in crazy quilting.   In these studies, however, the work is directed to wearable art forms or wall hangings.  The samples show the versatility of skill sets that can be adapted for focal-point motifs, and even seam work on crazy quilts.

Suellene Petersen

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