Readers' Showcase

July 2009

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  I have enjoyed the beautiful work submitted by so many of your readers. Wonderful eye candy! I've been busy working on my first CQ and my first attempt in making a hussif. I haven't gotten very far..and I'm kind of feeling my way as I go. Who knows what will happen next. Thanks so much for the information and inspiration.

Suzie in Idaho


  This pillow is my first crazy quilt project. I also did the tatting (except for one piece by my great-aunt).

Thank you for this informative and inspiring magazine!

Lynn B. (Hutchins) Haney
  My name is Maria and I have recently found crazy patch working and am now completely addicted to it. I have attached a few pics of some of my projects and would appreciate some feedback, i.e.: am I doing it right etc...

Kind Regards
Maria Soan
  I am sending you a photo of my wall hanging that I made a few years ago. It is all scraps of satins and taffeta, with embroidery of my favourite birds, the Kookaburra and Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo among other embroidery and embellishments. It is called Victorian-style Crazy Patchwork, An Aussie View. Thank you.

Christine Linton

  Hello, I have photo's of some items I have made for a swap recently.

These are tins for the CQI tin swap. I decided to try to make something different so I found a pattern to make little purses out of scrapbooking paper. I just converted it to be able to be done with crazy quilt sides instead. I make 2 for those who sew with little pin cushions inside. The other is to hold whatever my grandmother wishes.

I attached the photo's of the tins.

Ann Flowers
  This spring Pat Winter did a puzzle piece exchange, Pieces of Friendship ( I did my six pieces on a wool felt foundation and did some crazy-style piecing and stitching on the wool.

Here are five of my pieces.

Marjorie Holme
  The block that I am Sending is From the CQ International Yahoo Group. The Round Robin is Called Do Your Own Block - Anything Goes. This block was pieced by Siamono. I will check on spelling of name if you accept the photo. The style of Pattern she wanted was called Under the Sea. I will send you 2 photos of the block.

Laura R

  Hello I have just finished this greeting card for a friend so I thought I would like to send you a picture of it for the Readers Showcase.

I printed the lovely lady onto cotton fabric through my printer. Then highlighted the flower on her hat and the one in her hand placed a small piece of braiding on the cuff of her blouse then stitched the lettering is silk thread.

Kind regards
Andrea Beecroft
New Zealand
  Miss Shamrock has a Crazy Quilt pieced skirt, beaded wings, and a Brazilian Embroidery 3D Shamrock Flower. I created her face from Polymer Clay and painted it with PearlEx Powder. I used the Oglala Beading stitch that gives a ruffled lace look for around her face and along the sides of her skirt. I used Brazilian Embroidery thread called Boucle in shades of green to create a lace effect for the seam treatments. Miss Shamrock was created for my friend Sherry who lives in Texas.

Hugs Judy

  I have been experimenting for over 10 years to find a way to replicate embroidery stitches one might use on a crazy quilt with beading patterns. The book I authored in 2009, Bead Creative Like Crazy, provides numerous bead embroidery patterns and instructions for that purpose. These two photos feature beading patterns for the chain stitch worked on vintage linens.

Crazy Beading stitches lower left bottom corner to top right corner: Buttonhole, Lazy Daisy, Chain, Fan, Feather with miniature grapes, Chevron, Fly, Cretan.

Nancy Eha

  The enclosed photos are of a Wedding Album I did for my Grand-nephew. My brother preformed the service and I thought there should be a beautiful Album in which to keep the printed service.

I had a wonderful time doing this project. I'm sorry about all the photos, but I have yet to master Photo-shop selecting and sending photos; so discard any or all.

I do love CQMag and look forward to each issue. Thank you all for your dedicated work for all us crazy quilters.

Shel Jensen, Maui
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