Velvet Eye Cover

Barbara Blankenship © 2009

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During this time of the year we are thinking of gifts we might make for friends and family. I would like to share my eye cover design; it is a simple, fun project. This project started out to as a joke, but ended up being a useful item.

Traveling with fellow crazy quilters and sharing room accommodations can often present minor problems. For example, when two want to go to bed early and one chooses to read. Of course, we are an extremely polite group and ask if reading would be a problem to those trying to sleep.  It seems that one of our ladies is very sensitive to the light and prefers total darkness. Of course, when asked the question regarding reading, her response was not only funny, but also impossible. She said, “only if you don’t turn on any lights.”

We have solved our problems with my crazy quilted eye cover design. In the following paragraphs, I will give a few simple tips for creating your own.

The two crazy quilted and embellished hearts are approximately 2 Ύ” wide by 2 ½” from “v” to tip. Cut two matching pieces of batting along with two pieces of velvet. With right sides together, stitch around the heart, leaving a small opening for turning. Clip curves, turn and press.

Take a 2” x 3” piece of velvet. Fold lengthwise and stitch. Reverse and finger press. This piece will join the two hearts and lay across the nose area. You will need to fit this to lie comfortably across your nose while still allowing the hearts to completely cover your eyes. I clipped several stitches to form an opening in the hearts to insert the piece. You can blind stitch each opening or top stitch with your machine.

Measure your head for the estimated length of the band, and allow several additional inches. The band should be 3 ½” wide. Fold lengthwise and stitch using a Ό” seam allowance. Reverse. This will form the casing for the elastic.

Measure a piece of elastic to fit snugly and comfortably around your head. Be sure to allow an additional ½” on each end. Insert the elastic into the casing and stitch across one end.

Mark the proper placement of the casing on the outside of each heart. Clip several stitches and insert the ½” allowance. Blind stitch each opening or top stitch with your machine.

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