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You will need:
  • Plastic headbands
  • Elastic hair bands (scrunchies are best)

We are always looking for creative ways to use the bits of ribbon, lace and trim that we have around our store. We have included several styles of hair bands that are quick, easy and make great gifts for all ages.

Gather ribbons and trims for inspiration.

1. Find a nice plastic headband at your local Dollar Store in the width you want to work with. You do not want it to have "teeth” on the inside. Any embellishments can just be pulled off and discarded.

To wrap a band make sure your piece of ribbon is long enough. It will take 1 to 1⅛ yards. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center, and then begin in the middle of the band’s top side; and wrap to one end. Wrap the ribbon at a 45 degree angle; place a small amount of FabricTac glue on the top of each section of the band to secure it. You will probably need to overlap the edge of the trim as you work down the sides.

Chenille ribbon wrap on headband.

Tuck and trim ribbon as needed. Stitch or glue the ends in place. Secure a strip of velvet ribbon or textured trim down the center on the underside to help grip the hair and give the inside a nice finished look.

The band on the left shows the inside of the headband, covered with trim. On the right is the headband with feathers.

2. Try making a fancier band to wear for a holiday or a party. Again, use a plastic headband. First lay a piece of velvet ribbon on the topside. It must be wide enough to cover the edges and wrap underneath. Glue or stitch in place. Add a second trim on top of the velvet and some feathers on the side. Finish the inside of the band as above.

Flowers and feathers embellishment on ribbon wrap.

3. For the younger set (variations can be made for any age). Measure around the head from front top to the base of the neck. This is usually about 18"; add ½ “on each end to turn under around the elastic. Using this measurement cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon as the base of the headband. A second decorated ribbon should be measured so that it goes across the head from top of ear to top of ear. A longer trim than this will just get caught in the hair. Add trims, beads, flowers, or stitching to this second ribbon before attaching it to the base ribbon. The ends of the under band can now be folded over an elastic hair band and stitched in place.

Sewing elastic band to ribbon.

Stretch headbands for all occasions.

Marvis Lutz is owner of the Button Emporium in Portland, Oregon. Diane Rose is her talented store manager. You can shop with them online at: http://www.buttonemporium.com/

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