CQ Covered Round Tin

Simona Tedeschi © 2009

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  • A circular tin
  • Some fabrics in your favorite colors
  • Threads/Silk Ribbons/Trims or Laces
  • Foundation
  • Glue gun
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


It all started with a covered tin swap in the Crazy Quilt International Group. Our commitment was to cover an empty tin and I had a lot of fun making a circular one in gold tones, and then I also thought that could be a very good way to embellish an ugly tin with delicious candy inside…like mine!

At home from the supermarket, I removed the cover and laid it on a foundation, drew the outline, and then cut the foundation leaving 1” all around.

I chose some fabrics, and pieced them on the foundation and did a long stitch with the sewing machine to baste the fabrics.

I usually choose the fabric colors and then the threads, silk ribbons, beads and embellishments in the same shade.

I used lilac/purple, yellow and green this time. I did some flowers as a focal point with silk ribbon, and then I stitched on the seams with threads, but that was my personal choice, so you can express yourself as you like.

I love to use my imagination, nothing is planned before, I like to feel the fabrics, piece them with the machine or use the traditional method. I also haven’t a pattern to follow -- I go directly with the embellishment.

Here is my result.

Now I am ready to put this “block” on the cover. I use the glue gun to put a little of glue on the top of the cover, and then place it on the foundation right in the circle.

I have to cut the extra fabric, remembering that I have to cover the lip, so I leave a little to cover the entire lid.

I need to baste the extra fabric that goes for the border and embellish it with a trim and some French Knots (or beads), and then a little glue on the cap to secure it in place.

I also covered the body of my tin.  I cut a strip of coordinating fabric 1” high and 14” long (remember to measure your own tin) and embellished it with trims and some Lazy Daisy Stitches. 

Next, I used a little glue to affix it to the side of the tin.

Remember that a coordinated trim about the size of your tin would work well too!

Once you finish the candy inside, you can always put an easy pincushion in the same coordinated fabrics!

That could be a nice idea for a Christmas gift maybe with something special inside….



Editor's note: If you need a pattern for the interior pincushion, check out this simple radial pincushion on Whip it Up.

To see all of the covered tins in this fun swap go to:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crazyquiltinginternationaltojoin

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