Baskets for CQ 2012

Maureen Greeson 2009

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These baskets are vintage embroidery designs by Hubert Ver Mehren (1930-1939); and I will be using these two and three others in a large wall hanging. I have added to each design to make them appropriate in size for filling in a 10" square set in the quilt in a diamond fashion. I'm doing this quilt as part of a challenge to have a large CQ finished by 2012 through the Yahoo Crazy Quilting group. I will be sharing parts of it as I go along here in CQMagOnline and other parts on my blog at

Basket #1 for CQ 2012

Easy stitches were used throughout on this basket. The working order is as follows:

Main body of the basket: I cut a piece of vintage cotton netting the exact shape of the basket and stitched it in place with invisible thread. You could make this process a little easier by applying it to your fabric by using Wonder Under. I thought of this after I started stitching it down; it would have made a smoother application. Using DMC light gold thread, I made the stripes in the top edge and on the bottom of the basket with a Straight Stitch. I then used an Outline Stitch around the stripes and down the sides of the basket. Use size 11 seed beads in indicated areas.

Stems: size 12 Perle Cotton - Back Stitch.

Leaves: 7mm silk ribbon - Ribbon Stitch.

Mums: I used four colors of 4mm variegated silk ribbon - twisted ribbon stitch throughout. Using the pattern as a guide, make one circle of this stitch all the way around leaving a large opening in the center. Go back a little more inside the center and place a circle of the same stitch between the others making them a little looser and a little higher. Add loops to fill in the center.

Little flowers at top: Petals: stranded variegated silk thread, use two strands - Bullion Stitch; Centers: French Knots or seed beads.

Basket Handle: size 6 beads.

Basket #2 for CQ 2012

Easy stitches were used throughout on this basket as well. The working order follows:

Main body of the basket: size 12 variegated Perle Cotton - Fly Stitch with triple French Knot at intersections.

Basket sides: same thread - Outline Stitch.

Basket bottom and handle: same thread - Padded Satin Stitch. Be sure to place your stitching at a deep angle to give it a more realistic look. Keep the angle going in the same direction all the way across on the handle.

Bow and streamers: stranded variegated silk thread; use two strands - Satin Stitch (not padded) also stitched with a deep angle. Center of bow - heavily padded Satin Stitch (you want it to look like it's sitting on top of the handle).

Stems: stranded variegated silk thread - use two strands - Stem Stitch.

Leaves: 4mm silk ribbon - Closed Lazy Daisy Stitch.

Daisy petals: 7mm silk ribbon - work loose Straight Stitches from the outside of the petal into the center.

Daisy centers: size 8 Perle Cotton - triple French knots to fill in entire center. I used up to five size 15 seed beads in a pale green clustered in one part of each center.

Roses: 7mm silk ribbon - a loose double French Knot for the center surrounded by various quantities of loops depending on the size you want each rose. Vary them, being sure to keep them small for the ones outside the basket.

Outline of bow and streamers: size 15 seed beads in a matching color.

Since these are all simple stitches, you can find directions for making them in a number of places online or in books. The patterns I have given you for these baskets are approximately twenty percent smaller than the ones I embroidered. You can enlarge or reduce them if you like before printing them. Don't forget to change the threads and ribbon widths accordingly for smaller baskets.

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