Crazy Patch Purse

Lyn Brown © 2009

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Over the last few years, Orange County Quilters Guild has hosted a Prom Dress Swap. Participants bring in old formal dresses... and a pair of scissors! We place the dresses on a table (or tables!) and we all cut a piece from each dress for use in our Crazy Patch projects. This purse uses the scraps garnered from those swaps. Try it in your group!

About 6” X 9”


  • Canvas/Duck 8” X 24”
  • Lining 7” X 22”
  • 10 –12 8” squares of fancy fabrics (velvet, satin, brocade, etc.)
  • 1 yard heavy cording for strap
  • Buttons, beads, ribbons, appliquιs and coordinating rayon threads


1. Trim 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” strips off four of your fancy fabric squares and set aside for front flap.

2. Choose one fancy fabric. Cut a five sided shape (given) from the fancy.

3. Center it, right side up, about 9” up from one short end of the canvas.

4. Add a second strip, about 3” X 6” , laying it right sides together to the first strip, aligning raw edges. Stitch and flip. Continue adding pieces, right sides together, around the initial shape, working outward.

5. Cover about the upper 18” of the canvas. On the end that has about 6” of canvas still exposed, start adding the set aside strips of your fancies for the front flap.

6. Snowball squares on the corners of the front flap by cutting 2" squares of red (or any other fabric). Place the square at one of the corners over the strips, align the raw edges. Stitch across the diagonal and flip over, forming a triangle. Repeat on opposite corner.

7. Once your canvas is covered, you can go wild with embellishment. Just keep in mind you will be trimming the edges to size, so differentiate the front from the back, where the flap is and where you will be boxing the bottom. Use your decorative machine stitches and rayon threads to cover the seams in crazy patch style. Add extra stitching as desired. Top stitch some ribbons in place and add some appliquιs. When embellishment is complete, trim to 7” X 22”.

8. To construct the purse, fold up the bottom 8 1/2”, right sides together, and stitch up either side to 1/2” from top. Press the 1/2” to the wrong side. If desired, add pockets to lining. Stitch the lining in the same way as the purse.

9. Box the bottoms on both the purse and the lining in the SAME way.

10. Turn the lining right side out. Slip the lining inside the purse so right sides are together. Stitch the two flaps together. Turn the purse and tuck the lining inside so wrong sides are together.

11. Pin the heavy cording in place on either side of the top of the purse, adjusting length as desired. Slip Stitch the top edge of purse closed, catching and reinforcing the cording, stitching in place securely.

12. Embellish the flap with buttons and beads as desired.

Remember embellish, Embellish, EMBELLISH!

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