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Several months ago a friend of mine asked me if I'd like to join a group of quilters who were interested in crazy quilting. It's turned out to be great fun; we bring our own lunches, and the hostess of the day serves dessert. I've taught some basic crazy quilting, and they've taught me how to do a nice bound edge, among other things.

Early on, Joyce said she'd like to do a small quilt remembering her mother for her local quilt group's show, and I thought it would be a great idea. What I didn't know was that the entire piece needed to be finished in about a month and a half!

Joyce had a wonderful idea, however--she would use five of her mother's hand-crocheted doilies stitched onto Prussian blue fabric, interspersed with four crazy quilted blocks. The blocks would each also have to use the challenge fabric chosen by her El Camino Quilters group.

The quilt is a charming design, and displays her mother's work beautifully. I thought you would enjoy seeing the fine crochet by Joyce's mom, Jewell Bedrosian . In particular, the doily on the upper right is done in thread so thin, it looks like sewing thread.

When I asked about Jewell, Joyce told me that her mother had emigrated to the United States with her mother in 1918 as a child of twelve. Jewell was already on her way to being an accomplished needle worker who tatted, crocheted, knitted, and enjoyed needlepoint and embroidery. She was also a skilled seamstress.

Joyce's legacy from her mother is not only the beautiful and intricately worked pieces of needlework she treasures; it's the love of creating with fabric and thread, along with the desire to challenge herself in new forms of needlework, just as Jewell did so many years ago.

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