Spring Pansies Covered Tin

Victoria Adams Brown © 2010

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This is a small project that will be featured in a new booklet I’ve written, which will be released Spring 2010. The booklet may be ordered at www.ribbonsmyth.com

“Creative Vintage Treasures from a Thrift Store Junkie”
Fifteen Pincushion and Tin projects using fabric, trims and bits.

Supply List:

  • 3” candy tin
  • 3” crystal candlestick
  • RibbonSmyth Vintage Pansy image
  • RibbonSmyth Vintage Fan Image
  • 1 yard RibbonSmyth ½” Iris bias-cut ribbon
  • 1 handful of gold seed beads
  • 1 Pack RibbonSmyth silk ribbon needle pack
  • 1 yard RibbonSmyth 9mm purple velvet ribbon
  • 16” 2 inch white rayon fringe
  • 16” ¾” wide white rayon decorative trim
  • 8” square of gold tissue paper
  • 10” square purple velveteen
  • 8” felt square
  • Nymo beading thread
  • Mod Podge
  • ½” wide Brush
  • E 6000 glue
  • Tooth picks for spreading glue
  • Aleene’s white tacky glue
  • RibbonSmyth Rainbow dyes color Pansy and English Blue
  • Wax paper
  • Ice cube tray
  • Lime Green rayon or perle cotton thread
  • 1/2 yard RibbonSmyth 4mm purple silk ribbon
  • Pencil


  1. Mix two tablespoons of RibbonSmyth Rainbow dyes, Pansy and English Blue. An ice cube tray can be used for mixing dyes.
  2. Wet the lace and rayon fringe and wring out water.
  3. Lay the damp trims onto a piece of wax paper and paint the trims using the dye mixture. Set aside and let trims dry. Once dried, iron on the backside of the trims to heat set.
  4. Using a pencil, place the tin lid on top of the felt. Trace two circles and cut out.
  5. Lay the felt circle on top of the purple velveteen and pin in place. Run a basting stitch using Nymo thread or dual-duty thread, close to the felt circle and tie off. Two inches from the basted stitch circle, repeat. Remove the felt circle. There are now two basted circles on the velveteen.
  6. Cut-away all the fabric around the pansy vintage image leaving just the outline of the pansies. Place the image face-up, in the center of one of the circles. Using a hot dry iron, fuse the image to the velveteen.
  7. Using a beading needle and champagne Nymo thread, stitch gold seed beads around the vintage image. Tie-off securely.
  8. Cut four 2" pieces of the moss bias-cut ribbon. Using a beading needle threaded with Nymo beading thread, stitch a running stitch down the center of the ribbon, pull the thread to gather the ribbon to a one inch length. Tie off securely. Gather all 4 pieces of ribbon. Tack a gathered moss ribbon on top of each leaf of the vintage image. After all the leaves are tacked in place, stitch rayon green stitches down the center of the leaf.
  9. Cut the iris ½” bias-cut iris ribbon into 4” lengths. Using Nymo beading thread and the beading needle, run a gather stitch on one side of the ribbon. Pull to gather to make a small ruffled flower. Tie off the gather stitch securely. Tack in place. Make another ruffle flower and tack into place.
  10. Stitch several straight stitches using the green rayon thread over the stems of the vintage image.
  11. Add gold beads in the center of the ruffle flowers and in the center of the vintage image pansies.
  12. Trim the excess fabric from the fan image. Fuse the image to the center of the other purple velveteen circle. Outline the fan image with the green rayon thread, using small straight stitches.
  13. Take 12" of 4mm purple silk ribbon and tie into a bow. Tack the bow into place at the base of the fan image. Twist and curl the ribbon tails, and tack into place with gold seed beads. Trim the ribbon tails.
  14. Add a few gold seed beads to create a cluster in the center of the bow.
  15. Place a dot of white tacky glue on to the center back of the fan-embellished velveteen, and glue to one of the felt shapes. Cut out the velveteen circle to overlap the felt circle by ¼”.
  16. Every quarter inch, notch the velveteen fabric up to the felt circle edge. Using the white tacky glue, glue the notched fabric to the back of the felt. Place dots of E6000 glue to the inside lid of the tin.
  17. Place the covered velveteen circle inside the lid. Hold in place while the glue sets up.
  18. Cut velvet ribbon to go around the edge of the tin lid. Glue the velvet ribbon to the lid. Butt the two ribbon ends together. Tie a bow with the velvet ribbon. Glue over the ribbon ends. Trim the ribbon tails.
  19. Use tissue paper and cover the bottom of the tin with tissue paper using a foam brush and brushing Mod Podge over the tissue paper. Smooth the damp tissue paper over the tin. Trim the paper edges so the top edge of the fringe will be flush with the paper edge.
  20. Place dots of E6000 on the bottom of the tin, in the center of the tin. Place the crystal candlestick on top of the glue and allow the glue to set.
  21. Cut a length of the dyed fringe to fit around the tin. Using E6000 glue the fringe to the bottom of the tin.
  22. Glue a length of the dyed rayon motif over the top edge of the fringe. Stitch small amethyst beads on top of the rayon motif.

All copyrights are retained by the author, Victoria Adams Brown. http://www.ribbonsmyth.com

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