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Vol. 9, Issue 1

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  My latest project - A pillow for Courtney

I just completed a Memory Pillow for my 16 year old niece. Courtney's father passed away last spring. Her mom asked me if I could possibly make Courtney a memory pillow using pictures of her father and some of his clothes and have it ready for her as a Christmas present.

I downloaded a few of her favorite pictures of Courtney and her daddy when she was a little girl onto fabric and began a labor of love. I incorporated the logo from his favorite "Tropicana" T shirt, some black fabric from a pair of his dress pants and a piece of grayish plaid from a shirt into the foundation block. From that point I stepped out of my element. Courtney's favorite flower is the sunflower and her favorite colors are yellow and orange. Anyone who knows me knows they are my least favorite. I actually had to push myself to use these colors but in the end grew to love them, I tried to make the pillow girlie enough for a 16 year old and think I managed it by adding lots of bling.

For the embellishments I used some of my dyed laces and silk ribbons, lots of beads, some wonderful threads and an adorable little crochet basket that one of the ladies in the CQI group made for me. Once completed, I used a beautiful deep chocolate brown velvet for the back of the pillow - it measures 16x16.
As you may have guessed, lots of tears were shed when Courtney opened up her pillow but this time they were happy ones.

Nicki Lee Seavey


  Attached are photos of one of my latest crazy quilt projects- a small bag on a metal frame with embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery with button and beaded embellishments. It is backed with silk dupion and lined with a 'romantic' printed fabric. The choice of materials and colours for the bag was inspired by the quirky vintage picture I printed onto fabric, which forms the centrepiece of the bag. I love seeking out and using all sorts of images for use on crazy quilting and combining them with stitchery. I usually always have at least one crazy quilt embroidery or hand sewing project on the go at any one time as I often don't feel inclined to get the sewing machine out after a busy day working.

I love reading your mag and looking at the beautiful items that other people make. I hope to submit an article one day.

Gill Biel

  Inspired by Diane Mugford's article on the Dorset Button in the current issue, I made this one! I have made a few buttons in the past, the simple woven ones. As soon as I saw the picture of Diane's, with the flowers, I couldn't wait to start on one. I made loops with silk ribbon as the bouquet tie and added a few stems with green floss. I love how it came out and will be making more of them soon. Thank you for such an inspiring magazine!

Kathi Everett
  This is a picture of a Crazy Quilt that was made for a Raffle for the Letort Quilt Guild of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The guild members made the blocks and it was put together by members. It was made in 2007

Marian Miller, guild member for 51/2 years
  Puck is a wall hanging I made for my vet. It is his furkid. The landscape is of a Mediterranean scene that was in a round robin at Crazy Quilting International and I added the dimensional tree when it got home. Then I have included pictures of the front and back of the purse I entered in the Crazy Quilting International purse contest last year. It is a mother earth theme with a beaded dimensional tree!


  These blocks are of my Heirloom quilt I am (slowly….very slowly) making.

My rules were that the blocks were to all be cream, white & pink; the centre motif had to be hand embroidered (but not necessarily by me); and each block had to have a mix of roses, ribbons & lace.

  Here are some photos of a stocking I made for a friend. She owns an online Halloween store, so I mixed Halloween fabrics in with the fancies:

Here is my other recent project, an ocean CQ sent as a 'secret Santa' gift:

Mix of ocean cottons and plain blue silks. 'Seaweeds' are organza ribbons, novelty yarns and trim.

Laurie Brown, Dark Phoenix


  I made purses for Antique dolls to hold and display out of vintage lace & velvet.

I made a memory pillow for my friend Julie of Attic Heirlooms Needleart Shop here in Wichita, KS. This is a silk print of her old shop (which was a Mom and Pop grocery years ago). She moved to another location with lots more room. But we all had such wonderful times in the old shop, we don't want to forget them!

This is a needlebook - I made several for Christmas gifts.

I made this pillow out of neckties that were Christmas prints. It is 16" long and 9" deep. Lots of beading on this as well as stitches. This is the back of the pillow. Black velvet.

This is my china cupboard we have had for years. My daughter helped me use lace curtains and velcro with sticky tape on it to mount them on the inside of each glasss. It is now my CQ storage for books, and all my silk ribbon, embellishments etc. separated into plastic shoe boxes by color. So easy to find what I want and nice to put something away when I acquire something new, so I can find it when I need to!!!! Here is the cabinet open.
I made "eggs" out of old wool fabric and embellished them with various things and colors. They can be used a pin cushions, but really do make a nice decoration for Easter and Spring time.

I enjoyed making this heart wall hanging. It is pieced for CQ, embellished and mounted on a cardboard heart. It is covered completely with fabric and embellishments on both sides. About 15" x 11". Just in time for Valentines Day!
I have made several pillows out of neckties. My own addition is to use the small ends of the neckties for the petal fringe all around the edge. From 12" - 20" square.

My Southern Belle wall hanging. This is done entirely in SRE. It is 22" - 24". I am trying to find an old oval frame with curved glass to frame it.
This pillow was a wedding shower gift for my granddaughter. It is all off/white and white and made by hand.

Carol Lindberg PhD
(Piled high with dolls)
  These are a series of fabric Valentines I'm doing for a show at the Elms Gallery in Oklahoma City. They are heart shapes I meant to be reminiscent of the silver milagro charms. the large one houses a Frida Kahlo cloth Paper doll...thanks, Martha Green  
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