Fabulous Fabric Paper

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This is how I make my fabric paper, which I use mainly for making postcards and artist trading cards, though it will also work for larger projects. You can make large collages, and then cut them up for various projects.

Put a piece of plastic on your table first. It is impossible to transport the wet piece! Keep the fabric laid out on the same place until it is dry. I start with a piece of muslin or ‘tone in tone’ quilt fabric (a fat quarter) and watered down PVA glue (about one part PVA to five parts water).

I saturate the muslin with that, and then lay down things like vintage paper pictures, torn pages from old books and dictionaries, music sheets etc., and saturate them with the glue mixture as well.

Next, I add torn napkin pieces (only the almost transparent, thin top layer), and again wet it well with the PVA mix.

Let it dry for a few days, and then iron it between two sheets of baking paper.

Now you can cut it up for several projects. You can embroider on it or sew with a sewing machine.

Good luck! Come and visit my blog to see further examples of my fabric papers and the projects I use them for. http://malinaplass.blogspot.com/ 

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