A Little Bit Country II

Dean Deerfield © 2010

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My quilt that won the Marie Osmond Challenge was auctioned off on eBay. I did bid on it, but lost out at the last minute. I wanted something more than pictures, so I made another quilt. This one is larger, but the fabrics are the same and are placed the same was they were in the first quilt. I did use prairie points on this one too, but after that the embellishments are different. I did use real pearls and real amethyst beads. I kept the colors of the embellishments the same, but not used in the same way. The center is also totally different. I like this one better, probably because it has more “stuff” on it. I do love the glitz.

You can never see detail in an overview photo, so I am including a few close ups. These aren’t the greatest pictures in the world, but hopefully you can tell what is going on.

Each block has a Shisa mirror on it.

Close up of the center and you can see the beaded feathers on two blocks. You can see the pearls in this picture.

A closer close-up of the center.

The large beads are a light purple amethyst.

Tiny amethyst beads, very dark amethyst tear drops, and mother-of-pearl.

That is it for this issue. I hope you enjoyed the close ups.

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