Beginner Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bouquet

Victoria Adams Brown 2010

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This is a beginner project using several of the most popular ribbon embroidery stitches.


Spider Web Rose:

Japanese Ribbon Stitch:

Lazy Daisy:

Straight Stitch:

Stem Stitch:

French Knot:


  • Mauve 4mm silk ribbon
  • Deep Mauve 4mm silk ribbon
  • Emerald 4mm silk ribbon
  • Butter 4mm silk ribbon
  • Mauve floss
  • Emerald green cotton floss
  • 4" hoop
  • Ribbon Embroidery needle Size #20
  • Embroidery Needle


1. Using two strands of mauve floss, stitch five spokes of the same length, for the two Spider Web Roses. Thread the 4mm ribbon into the needle; see instructions for needle-locking 4mm silk ribbon. Tie a knot in one end and weave the ribbon through the five floss spokes using light mauve silk ribbon. Use approximately 14 of ribbon. Allow the ribbon to twist and curl. Do not pull the ribbon tight while weaving. Leave 1 of ribbon to tie off on the back of the fabric, when the rose stitch has been completed.

2. Stitch the second Spider Web Rose using the dark mauve silk ribbon.

3. Stitch Japanese Ribbon Stitches around each one of the Spider Web Roses.

4. Above the Spider Web Roses are two buds. Stitch three Japanese Ribbon Stitches for the buds. Beneath the bud, stitch two small Straight Stitches.

5. Using three strands of the green cotton floss and the embroidery needle, Stem Stitch the stems throughout the design.

6. Stitch floss Lazy Daisies among the stems using three strands of the emerald green floss.

7. Stitch the Japanese Ribbon Stitch leaves among the flowers of the design.


This project is available as a kit that can be purchased at The kit includes all materials, instructions and Aida cloth with the design preprinted.  The ribbon embroidery is stitched on top of the design, which fits beautifully within the embroidery card seen in the photo above.  The card is sold separately. To see more samples of silk ribbon embroidery, please visit my blog at

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