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Creative Stitchery Success Strips

Rissa Peace Root 2010

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The Creative Stitchery Success Strips are a set of five plastic templates, a marker and instructions for using them to create several embroidery stitches with ease.  Like most templates on the market, these are aimed at stitchers who need guidelines to learn how to embroider, but they can also assist more experienced embroiderers who need help with spacing stitches.  The templates and illustrations will help beginners learn five groups of embroidery stitches, including Blanket Stitches, Back Stitches, Chain Stitches, Cross Stitches and Feather Stitches.

The instruction booklet is written in both English and Spanish.  The system was created by Robbie Fields, who has patented her transfer marking strips, which are made in America.

All photos provided by Robbie Fields

More information can be found on her website:

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