Book Review:
Splendiferous Bead Motifs

Rissa Peace Root 2010

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Title:  Splendiferous Bead Motifs
Author: Sherrill Lewis
Publisher: Bead Ranch Publishing
32 Pages, Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-0-9844572-0-5

Sherrill Lewis is a professional beader with a passion for encrusting crazy quilting.  In this booklet, she offers instructions for basic bead embroidery, along with a wide variety of motifs that would work well on crazy quilts.  The motifs are broken up into the following categories:

  • Fantasy Flowers
  • Taking Wing: Angels, Butterflies, Fairies & Sprites
  • The Family
  • Homeward Bound
  • Snow Flakes
  • Critters!
  • Flutterbye Ballet (cover design)

The illustrations are clear and easily decipherable.  In addition to formulas for creating specific motifs, the author offers ideas for thinking "outside of the bead box."  Her advice is pretty simple; do not see a leaf shaped bead as just a leaf, because the possibilities are limitless.  If you would like to explore adding bead motifs to your crazy quilting, this booklet will certainly give you some ideas to explore!

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