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Rissa Peace Root 2010

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Wow, this issue was another difficult one.  In very late February, I had surgery followed by over two weeks of bed rest.  Between anesthesia, recuperating and all of the medications, I was in a bit of a fog for nearly a month.  If anything slipped through the cracks, please accept this as my humble apology, and remind me of what I missed or forgot! 

We have several articles that we hope will be good for beginners. Barbara Blankenship shares her method for piecing blocks and reviews a couple of good basic books for novices.  Sharon Boggon offers a series of stitch diagrams to help lead you through some basic embroidery ideas for seam embellishment.  In addition, there are articles on creating fabric and making a punchneedle flower brooch. Oh, and do not miss Lynn Schoeffler's article regarding her visit to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles! 

I am always so amazed when an issue comes together and so grateful to my staff and sponsors.  Every minute that I work on the magazine, I think of Nora, who I miss greatly.  She was the driving force behind the magazine, even though I have been webmaster for over six years, I will never have her finesse or ability to coax articles and advertisements out of people.  In her honor, I have revived "Callie" the spider, whose job it was to designate articles that would be good for beginners. 

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