A New Idea for a CQ Project Case

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Dolores with her case and pieced block

With the enthusiastic backing of my Lake Jackson Crazy Quilt Bee, I am embarking on a dream of mine. Call me “crazy” but I’ve always wanted to design a block of the month crazy quilt. Eleven of my remarkably talented friends will test my patterns for each month and point out any problem areas.

Choosing colors and fabrics was our first task. Each week, the girls would bring stacks of fabric in their favorite colors, and we would all add our two cents regarding the ones that worked best. We all worked from our individual stash and our favorite colors.

I designed my own pattern pieces for a 13" block and gave this to the group. They have begun to make their blocks and some have even pieced all twelve. We definitely have some over-achievers.

One Tuesday morning, Dolores walked in with a wooden artist case her husband, Richard, had helped her pick out at Hobby Lobby. We were all curious about the case and how she planned to use it.

Very neatly arranged in the box were fabrics, threads, ribbons, trims, and beads: everything related to the designing of her quilt. Pandora’s box could not have been grander!

Hobby Lobby will be forever indebted to Dolores and her husband, Richard, since a number of us were compelled to copy. If you are looking for a great project case and don’t mind carrying a little extra weight, we recommend these cases.

My case and pieced block.

Top tray with matching threads, embellishments, and needlecase.

Underneath the top tray is a perfect place to store your block fabrics.


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