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Touring with the AAQI

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Judging by Kerry Leslie's prodigious list of things to accomplish (and published on her blog!) she's had a busy year so far. Especially rewarding is the news that her crazy quilted art piece was chosen by the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative to be a part of their next traveling exhibit!

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative was founded by art quilter Ami Simms. Having experienced Alzheimer's Disease first hand during her own mother's illness, Ami understands that Alzheimer's not only affects the five million people in this country who suffer from the disease, but the millions more people who are care givers and loved ones. Ami and her friends have taken a step towards empowering all of us to help with the critical necessity of funding research programs toward a cure for this devastating disease. Along with current news about AAQI (and there is a LOT of news!), you can find photos of all art quilts donated; I hope you will take a little time to see these beautiful and touching pieces of fabric art. Also, there is my favorite: the list of 31 Ways To Help!!!

Back to Kerry--one of a number of fiber artists who have taken the AAQI $1,000 Challenge: each has committed to continue making small quilts for sale until they have raised that total. As Kerry puts it, "I might be unable to donate the dollar amount in cash, but I can use my stitching to do the same job."

While working on her quilt, Kerry learned that her Aunt Olive Lowden had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, which now makes "Forget Me Not" a particularly poignant theme; Kerry used her favorite waste canvas cross stitch technique* to illustrate her thoughts. Color choice for her quilt began with a small Petit Point linen rescued from a thrift store, and then outlined with a lovely tracery of beads. The fan was pieced in two shades of silk with simple, elegant seam stitches and then appliquéd to the block.

The angel's face and clock collage in the upper right corner speak of the loss of time and memories, while the jeweled hearts symbolize the lost memories of two hearts joined together for a lifetime.

Japanese silk buttonhole-twist thread was used for all the seams, including the dainty pink Buttonhole Stitched seam at the upper left. Bullion Knot roses were bordered with a silvery-green beaded trellis, and you can just see a few more Forget Me Nots peeping out of the little garden in the lower left corner.

Kerry put her heart into this block, and says it is her best work to date. I agree, and so does The Art Quilt Initiative: again, Kerry's quilt has been chosen as one of the fabulous one-of-a-kind art pieces for the five year exhibit, "From Heatbreak to Hope."  The current tour, "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece By Piece," has been seen by over 220,000 people in thirty-one states.

Please visit The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative at: and Kerry Leslie at 

You can also catch Kerry's waste canvas tutorial at:


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