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  Stained glass crazy quilt made using all gold all cotton metallic prints, alternating squares of white cotton. Alternating plain squares are long arm quilted with circular feather wreath, linear feathers and filler design. Each gold patch is quilted, frequently with free form quilting following pattern in the fabric. White "leading" flaps of fabric are not sewn down, but hanging loose.

Cindy Thury Smith

  I would like to submit my latest project, it is an Art Quilt done based on the tutorial at Pam gives great instructions on all her projects. For me this is like taking specific classes. This is the first of 2 I'm working on a second, these are for my oldest daughter it is her 10th Wedding anniversary this year. I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

Linda Brown

  This purse was started December of '08 but in the way of quilters everywhere got relegated to the UFO pile. I had so much fun making the previous purse I thought I would finish this one!


  I am always stitching on a crazy quilt block; seriously, always! Usually they are part of a round robin swap or a one-block swap for one of my Yahoo Groups or the HGTV Quilters Message Board group. Round robins are swaps where multiple stitchers work on a single project. The project "travels" from one person to the next, until it reaches it's owner back at the beginning...thus making a "circle or round" trip. One-block swaps are totally created by one person...and swapped upon completion.

Here are some photos of my stitching on silkies within these blocks. These are silkies where I have embellished all or most of the area...the baby mermaid beading is not mine. That little darling is the work of my HGTV friend, Nickilee. But the mama mermaid is my work, so I'm including her. The hair for all these is stitched with 2-3 strands of silk thread; blending colors for hi-lights and low-lights. Mermaids have beads or sequins for their tails Flowers are silk ribbon embroidery or french knots in perle. Hope you enjoy these, and are inspired to stitch on silkies! Such fun!

Kathy Shaw
  My eight CQ cancer donation blocks.

Cass Salina

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