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  The first photo is of the box top I'm working on to cover an existing card case. The other is a pocket purse I finished as a demo for a beginners class I'm teaching. And the last two are the book cover i finished for my sketchbook.



   We did a Christmas stocking swap in the group ChainsofHearts based in AU--we sent the fronts only to keep mailing costs down-each person will finish the stocking to suit themselves-this is an annual project with the group the stockings were to be 12" top to bottom and had to be pieced but embellishments were each quilters choice.

The basic function of the group is piecing and swapping 6" hearts but we do other projects as the group decides-we've done stockings-needle books--Do Your Own Block which is a very intricate project-most projects are intermediate level so even beginners can join-there are some extremely talented and experienced stitchers in the group but newbies are most welcome.

Toni Engle

  I am attaching pictures of my September block. This block was part of Sharon B's Take it Further Challenge in 2008. When my brother fell ill and passed away just before Christmas, I got bogged down with the challenge. I've finished the September and am ALMOST done with the October.

LouAnne Sassone in CA


Updated to add the October block!

  I am a member of Southerncrosscrazies, an online group of crazypatch enthusiasts for Australian and New Zealanders.

I am inclosing a photo of a Christmas stocking which was worked by a group of those members and myself, and which I absolutely love.

It is so cheerful and striking, it brings joy to me when I put it up at Christmas time. Such a fantastic group of ladies.

I also am enclosing a finished needlecase, worked by a group of SCCs in a round robin.

And the third attachment is a block in a round robin which I embellished for Lindy. This round robin was to encourage us to extend the seam treatments, rather than decorate with beads and buttons etc. We called it the “Seams only Round Robin”

I hope any of these might be of use to you for you online magazine. I have subscribed to the magazine for a number of years, and have always been inspired with the work featured.

Keep up the good work.


  Two were started in 1970...persistence is the key...


  If you're interested in a little more contemporary CQ, I finished this for my daughter about 2 years ago. She's not a Victorian type.

Cynthia Bonnell

  Rissa, I am resending my images. Check out the dolls I made for Quilter's Home magazine - they came in 2nd place.

Cheers, Louise


  Attached is a photo of my needle/pin book. The cover is my own design completed in crazy quilting. I used various fabrics "left over" from other projects. This means that when I currently use the needle/pin book I automatically think about those other finished projects from the scraps in this cover! I really enjoyed choosing the various stitches and colors of thread to embroider between the fabrics...and I had just learned how to do ribbon embroidery and I think it went quite well in the middle of this square. I keep at least a dozen needles and three dozen pins in this book at all times.

Stitchingly yours,
  This is a wall hanging I completed from a Fans DYB round robin at CQI! The stitching on these blocks have left me with a treasure!
From left to right, they are Gerry Krueger, Jo Newsham, Cathy Kizerian, Bonnie Witt and Cobi Wittkoek! I then hand dyed the lace and
created a vine on the borders to soften the edges and blend the blocks together.

Enjoy! Leslie Ehrlich

  Here is an CQ Autumn Heart I made and I call it Handmade With Love. It has a fairy silkie in the center and I embellished with it metallic threads and beads. I also used some hand dyed wools in the motifs. I filled it with Lavender I collected from my Michigan Garden and stitched a Lavender flower on it too. I also made it to give away for my 4th blogging celebration which is already over at CJ Stitching and Blooms.

The CQ Autumn Biscornu Pincushion is the very first Biscornu Pincushion I have ever made. It is Made from 100% hand dyed wool fabrics and the design is my own. I used hand dyed threads in the stitching. It was made for a gift for my 4th year Blog Celebration at CJ Stitching and Blooms.

hugs Judy

  The pink and white picture is a block for a CQ wedding quilt. It was lost in a fire by one of the STITCHMAP members and we recreated it for her. This was the first CQ block I ever did.

The second picture is of a CQ block done in the STITCHMAP Basic Crazy Quilting Class. Still a newbie, but a lot better than I was.

Cynthia Green
Needlework fills my day, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets
  Modern Crazy Quilt made of leftover fabrics from various projects and friend's garment projects.

Machine sewn. Modern trims and machine's fancy stitches.

Susan Data-Samtak
Bedminster NJ

Photo by Susan
  I never thought to submit photos to the showcase. Duh! I have attached some new work. A felted brooch, tiny crazy quilted bird needle book and a crazy quilted insulated water bottle holder .


  These are not exactly crazy quilting but there might be some ideas here for seam treatments. I have been beading a lot lately.

Dianne Leatherdale Johnson


  I have been working on this crazy quilt for about 7 years. The middle was the beginning and as you work your way to the outsides it shows the progression from just learning to getting better and better. Right now its about 5X6 ft and weighs just about 15 pounds with the beading and buttons making up most the weight, however I still have 2 more borders of squares and then a velvet border and backing before it will be finished. It's a work in progress
Debra Hawkins
  These are the blocks I made using SharonB's challenge of several years ago (maybe three years?). She gave us a monthly challenge to use colours she posted. It was a great challenge for me because it forced me to do two things - create a block each month AND work with colour combinations I would have never have used on my own. They languished in a drawer for awhile until I finally decided what to do with them. They became three panels and are now hanging quite proudly inside my front door. These pictures aren't the best because the lighting there isn't perfect.

Love the CQMag and all the work you and the other contributors do

Thank you so much!

Mary Anne (Richardson)

  The first box I ever covered was using a Parisian themed kit in a class taught by Lisa Caryl in Omaha. When we attended a grandson's wedding last year I thought it would be fun to make the keepsake box using fabric from the dresses in the wedding and ribbons and materials from bouquets, pew decorations, corsages, etc. The flowers were all made from the ribbons. I also copied designs from the invitations and embroidered them in several places.

I made this box for a friend who got married on Cocoa Beach earlier this year. I didn't have fabrics but I did use ribbons from her bouquet and favors to make flowers and a piece of eyelet to represent the brides dress. The tiny flip flop always brings a chuckle.

Carol Kramer

  The two 6"x 6" pansy blocks were made for a round robin I'm participating in on Crazy Quilting International.

  This is a wall hanging with 5 generations

I used as many different cq stitches as I could. Each picture was done with the sewing technique they did. Grandmother-crocheting: Mother-tatting: Me-silk ribbon embroidery; daughter- cross stitching and 2 granddaughters-my daughters-were encased with buttons from my grandmothers collection.

It hangs in my living room and will go to mu daughter eventually.

  I always forget to submit something so I hope I am not too early.

This CQ pillow is a ring bearer’s pillow for my stepson’s wedding. There are ribbons on each corner that will hold the rings during the wedding, but I have them tied to the back for now. The bride asked me to make a pillow for her, and I of course thought about a crazy quilted one. I am really pleased overall with how it turned out, but I hope to continue to expand my repertoire of stitches.

Kathi Eddy
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